Padres Fan Jumps Into The Bushes at Petco…


Serious question. What the hell was this guy thinking? Anybody? You clearly not getting that home run ball, so why not just take this opportunity to Superman it into the bushes? Not the soft kind of bushes, either. Makes no sense. Good for him, though. Full extension. Great effort. Hope he found his sunglasses.

How ’bout Mud droppin’ a “what would you do for Klondike bar?” reference? Love Mud.


[lobbed by Gibbs via deadspin/MLB]

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3 Responses to Padres Fan Jumps Into The Bushes at Petco…

  1. Trevor says:

    This is what happens when you start serving Sculpin at baseball games.

  2. Aaron Burt says:

    Actually you hit it right on the head… The opportunity for me to Superman it into the bushes could not be passed up. And thankfully, I did find my sunglasses and iPhone that flew from my pocket running up the steps. Lol

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