Wow. Jordan Baker, Gum-Throwing Ump, is Burning Bridges Across America

jordan-baker-blown call

Safe! That’s the blown call… a terrible, terrible call. That happened last night in the Cardinals v. D-Backs game. After the blown call, Jordan Baker ejected Alan Trammel for arguing the obvious out. There’s footage and commentary here. That’s when Arizona fans bombarded the comment boards on Lobshots here. They continued their comments over at the follow-up blog. Seriously, they went nuts.  Never before have so many Zonies visited the site in Lobshots history. Turns out the broadcast crew in Arizona is full of lobsters too. Check this out.

Yup! They call out Jordan Baker’s gum-throwing antics. They lay on the sarcasm pretty thick by calling Baker’s nasty little habit, “his tradition and his salute to Major League Baseball.” This is where Lobshots comes into play, he “got into a brew-ha-ha with the fans in San Diego in an extra inning ballgame… they called him on it, and of course, he confronted the fans.” That footage above is from a website. Think Selig or Joe Torre know about it yet? I do.

I’m getting a lot of heat because I’ve yet to post the three emails his wife sent me. I’m still in discussions with her… patience, lobsters, patience.


[lobbed by every D-backs fan in the state of Arizona, Lance was the first dude to bring to my attention]

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46 Responses to Wow. Jordan Baker, Gum-Throwing Ump, is Burning Bridges Across America

  1. George says:

    I am new to the sports blog world, but let me get this straight. This umpire threw a ton of gum on a field and now it is your personal mission to ruin his life? You seem like a really nice stand up man.

    • Aaron says:

      Whatever, the ump could you know just not throw his gum all over the field, he’s a total ass and deserves what he’s getting.

      Want to see wifey’s emails so bad…

      • Doug Harvey Would Can This Clown says:

        I hope they hold this umpire accountable. There is no excuse for his treatment of the fans in San Diego, nor his destruction of the playing fields. I know from a member of the Padres grounds crew that gum on the field like this causes the blades to stick together and does a number on the mowers as well. They all think Jordan Baker is the biggest ass in the game. I hope MLB deals with Baker soon. The only people who would defend him must be friends and family members. Shoot, perhaps he’s using a nom de plume on here?

    • Cole says:

      Its not just the gum George. It’s his blown calls, early ejections, and disrespect for the game environment.

    • David says:

      So you’re telling me that you’d be cool if someone who you worked with, say a security guard or something, came in to your office and tossed chewed gum all over the place you’d be cool with it? Remember, there are players who have to play on that grass. Sliding and diving is pretty routine in baseball. I sure as hell would think twice about diving head first for a ball if I knew the ground was covered in chewed gum.

      • Brent says:

        players spit chewing tobacco and sunflower seeds everywhere…whats the difference?

        • David says:

          It’s their “office.” And seeds are different than chewed gum. Don’t think I’ve seen someone spit their wad of dip or chew in the grass though I’m sure it happens. But like I said, that’s where they work. I’d bet they have some unwritten rule between the players about that.

    • Greanthumb says:

      He’s an idiot. He asked for it

    • LIL G says:


  2. jonesy says:

    So help me, if this turns into another VJack sob story where they convince you he is somehow right and deserves sympathy/respect/blah blah cause he’s a public figure, im gonna junk punch you tonight.

    I still might junk punch you no matter what, just for being you.

  3. piratedan says:

    It’d be one thing if he tossed it out into foul territory, that means it has a reduced ability to impact a game, but this crap is IN the field of play, however unlikely, what if it affects the game (just as much as his demonstrated inability to make a call). In a game where birds have been killed by pitched and batted balls, the field itself doesn’t need to have gum all over it, potentially sticking to cleats, serving as obstacles to balls grounded into the outfield or potentially being a foreign substance stuck to the ball itself. When MLB itself is such a stickler for tradition, letting this guy promote his disgusting habit seems strangely out of touch. Then again, he’s filling in with Angel Hernandez’s crew, so we’re lucky they don’t smother the bases with gasoline and set them aflame when the game is over.

  4. steve kanouse says:

    jordan baker doesn’t belong in a ballpark….after last nite’s blown call

  5. Ethan says:

    Selig and Torre definitely know now, especially after receiving more coverage on Deadspin ( and original coverage over at CBS ( Great job on the original article, BP. Btw, this feeling you have right now — it’s the feeling of sweet, sweet victory.

  6. LH says:

    When is baseball going to get instant reply? Umps shouldn’t be part of the story.

  7. Benito Leuthardo says:

    Look BP, this shitwad of a human had his chance. You called him on his gum tossing and he did it in your face. You write a blog, he does it again. His wife emails you, he does it again. Diamondback announcers call him on it, he does it again.

    Maybe his wife is a nice lady. I’ve know many-a-nice-lady that has married a complete dickhead.

    Can you imagine a rookie baseball player sticking his chest out in a locker room amongst teammates the way Jordan Baker has amongst his crew? Someone needs to wring his fucking neck. How seriously do you take your job to behave like him? Aren’t you trying to become a full-time major league umpire? Then why do you act like a complete shit head night after night? Yes, it’s harsh to wish anyone lose their job, but fuck this guy. And fuck his dad for doing an obviously shitty job as a parent.

    See ya tomorrow. If you don’t post the damned emails I’m gonna flick my jheri curl juice on you.

    • william Wright says:

      Hey ASS hole. I believe his dad may have done a excelent job. Did you ever think that maybe his dad was killed in war time action DICK HEAD. No, you just go off flapping your gums like the High and Almighty that you think you are. This guy probably worked his ass offf to get this job and your just a fricking garbage collector. You dont know the difference between a reflector and a refractor much less that balls or strikes. So before you go blowing your last breath maybe you want to think about what it is that pops into your lil pea brain ASS HOLE.

  8. william Wright says:

    With all the brew ha ha in todays sports I really think you guys are spineless and are trying to blackball someones career. Guess you dont have a job so all you do is go to the ball park hell maybe jump the fence for a seat and start heckling the umps.
    Please explain to me how throwing gum on a field shows disrespect for baseball when you have player dipping snuff and chewing tobacco spitting where others have to walk. Its no digrace and and the mans love for the game is shown as he has made it to the bigs for the love and passion for baseball. Whats the scum of the earth like yourself gona do and write some scuzball story to try and ruin a manc career. SO sorry you have nothing else in your life to do but to try and ruin someones carrer. Hey WINE-O. Grab another cold one and laugh. The real jokes on you. Cause when your sitting in your living room next week. Mr. Baker will still be on the field calling Balls and Strikes. Just maybe not throwing any gum. Scuzball.

  9. wrveres says:

    Odds William Wright is Jordan Baker or at least related to him?


  10. Rich says:

    Somebody has to clean that up. Stop it, ya pig! When you’re a bad ump, you want to bring as little attention to yourself as possible. Focus more on getting the calls right and less on your gum. There are a lot of guys who would like to be in your shoes. I would love to be a fly on the wall when your dumb butt gets called on the carpet. And by the way, I don’t give a crap what your wife says. She’s prolly got gum in her hair.

  11. Randy says:

    …in other news, Jordan Baker failed to get out of the way of a double play ball that would have gotten Wade Miley out of an inning, instead being hit by it. This caused a dead ball and loaded he bases for the Cardinals who proceeded to acore two runs on the next batter. That’s at least 3 runs he’s essentially given St. Louis through ineptitude. Luckily for the DBacks, it doesn’t appear to have ultimately affected the W/L aspect of the game.

    Te guy is a bad umpire, plain and simple. And he’s disrespectful of the game to boot.

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  13. Brian says:

    What a turd! I applaud the groundskeeper who gets tired of this shit and kicks his ass!

  14. Vance Finance says:

    Still in discussions with her? That’s B.S.. Either post the emails, or don’t mention them to the public. Once you mentioned the “great” emails the wife wrote you, the choice was made. But now, days later, you still haven’t posted them, yet you continue to talk about the “emails”, continue to screw with your readers, etc….Totally bush-league. Obviously you’re just trying to tease your new visitors and keep them on the hook a little longer, but in the process you’re alienating the rest of us. On top of that, once you do post the letters, your credibility is blown. We don’t know if they’ve been edited, if you allowed her to make retractions, change things, etc…Like I said, you’ve lost credibility. Too bad. you handled this all wrong. All of us support you on this Jordan Baker rant, b/c he is a total scumbag that has absolutely no business in the show. But, the way you’re handling this wife and her emails thing, no support there. Bush league.

  15. Funny, but the very next night (June 5th game), Jordan Baker again screwed up the Diamondbacks getting out of an inning against the Cardinals. An easy double-play groundball was hit towards the 2nd baseman but dumbass Jordan Baker was in the way and the ball hit him. All runners were safe and instead of an inning-ending double play, the Cardinals scored 2 runs in the inning. Diamondbacks did eventually win the game 10-3.

  16. MC says:

    Alright, I’m a woman who doesn’t even care that much for baseball, but as a 27-plus year practicing RN I have interacted with personalities across the spectrum- most really wonderful. This attention-seeking man doesn’t understand that it is in doing his job consistently well with dignity and respect for others which will bring him the long-lasting legacy that he seems to be seeking. I always tell our kids that the heroes in life are not those in the media who are famous for nothing (KK), but those who quietly persevere, honorably, in the midst of challenge. This guy is just very immature and wants the easy short-cut. His peers should make him pick up his own gum and teach him what it means to be an umpire of excellence. PS I see from the Wikipedia entry that he and have the same birthday- kind of a bummer!

  17. Matt says:

    So, according this blog it is perfectly acceptable for players to spit tobacco on the field, as well as sun flower seeds and spit. But gum is off limits? That is asinine.

    • Doug Harvey Would Can This Clown says:

      Gum causes the blades of grass to stick together and kills them. It also makes a mess of the special mowers the grounds crews use. There’s a difference between gum and tobacco juice and sunflower seeds for that reason. Besides, his taunting of the fans is what took this to the next level as well.

  18. Matt says:

    So, fans acting ignorant get a pass? Sounds fair. And last time I checked tobacco juice is soooo good for grass. I’m sure players throw their gum into the grass too. Probably not as much as he has. Also, no one is complaining about the grass dying. Which I’m sure the 40 blades of grass he kills a game hardly compare to someone sliding roughly over them.

    Some baseball fans make me sick. If they can’t find something to complain about, they will make stuff up.

    That’s coming from a baseball fan of 25 years.

    • Anna says:

      Tobacco juice actually is very good for grass- organic farmers use it all the time as a natural insecticide. Just saying… :)

      I have been a baseball fan for 30 years and do not engage in petty whining. I actually believe that the wife’s e-mails should not be published because it was give the crazy’s out there more of a reason to get fired up about the non-issue at hand. Jordan Baker’s ego and habits are disgusting, and whether baseball extremists like it or not, everyone on the field serves as a role model for kids who watch the game. Many players engage in tasteless actions all the time, but Baker is showing character flaws as well as behavioral. He needs to be sent back down to pee-wee where he can be involved with people who have the same maturity level as his.

  19. Matt says:

    I hope he doesn’t do that on an artifical surface and mess it up. Beyond that…who cares.

  20. Wayne Schweikart says:

    He was replaced in the umpiring crew for last night’s crew, with our announcers commenting that possibly he was “in the principal’s office”. Let’s hope it was a permanent replacement.

  21. bp says:

    apologies for not responding to every comment individually… I have written a follow-up post about Jordan Baker, the emails with his wife, and what Joe Torre had to say about the gum throwing.

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