Is This Real Life? A Lead Story on


Boy, that escalated quickly… I mean,┬áthat really got out of hand fast.


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  1. Benito Leuthardo says:

    Atta boy! You can’t back off now. I’ll give you 5 minutes to post the emails or I’m gonna throw you out from my knees.

    Yes, I do realize I’m a complete fucking loser for being so enthralled with a couple of emails that I will forget about 48 hours later.

  2. Also, way to go, you’ve ruined this nice gentleman’s life. Deadspin, Yahoo! and CBS. Jerk.

  3. trollstoll says:

    Don’t worry I wouldn’t put to much stock in it. Yahoos “lead stories” are complete ass.

  4. Greanthumb says:


  5. Mac says:

    Go ahead and note the top 4 stories “Trending Now” on the right, who says Yahoo isn’t legit?

  6. Dane says:

    bp, you should reach out to Nick Piecoro for another alliance on this. He’s the D-Backs beat writer for the AZ Republic and a cool dude. Here’s his story where he mentions the ritual after viewing it himself:

    Great work bringing this to the national spotlight. Makes me proud to be a lobster, and you should be proud for directly helping preserve the sanctity of baseball.

  7. bob says:

    So where is the email from the wife?

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