Biebs for Days…


I mean, what’s there to say? He’s wearing shades, a trash bag, some gold chains, and a $450 Heat hat that’s made out of python skin. The hats sold out shortly after Biebs showed up court-side. I’m not making that up.


Biebs loves all teams… I guarantee Keenan Allen isn’t hating on Bieber’s hats… fashion is fashion is fashion. I have a problem with spending $450 on a hat, yes. I do not, however, have any problem with people wearing sports hats for fashion.


Lemme ask you this though, do you have to go to some kind of special school to learn to drink water like an a.hole?


[via Guyism, TBL, Busted Coverage, and USA Today]

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4 Responses to Biebs for Days…

  1. Cree-dub says:

    I honestly didn’t know it was possible to drink water like an a.hole. But here we are, and wow, what an a.hole.

  2. Cameron says:

    He is like the easiest person to hate, and yet I find myself hating him more and more, each passing day.

  3. jonesy says:

    i dunno, the more i see this type of stuff outta him, the more i like him….

    That’s Vanilla Ice right?

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