Jordan Baker Strikes Again…

gum-petco-6-1-13GumGate 2013, the plot thickens! You remember Jordan Baker, the gum throwing umpire that I had a confrontation with on Friday night. Well, I couldn’t make Saturday’s game, but there is photographic evidence that he was still busy chucking gum into the outfield on Saturday night. I have my sources, and no I will not reveal how I got that picture, but I can 100% say with confidence that is a photo of the gum that Jordan Baker threw into the outfield on 6/1/2013 at Petco Park.

Oh, one other thing. Jordan Baker’s wife just sent me a lengthy email defending her husband. As you can imagine, she wasn’t pleased with my blog about him. More to come on this later as the drama is still unfolding….

Here’s the un-MS-painted version of the photo.


**UPDATE: He’s still throwing gum and blowing calls in St. Louis***


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55 Responses to Jordan Baker Strikes Again…

  1. Benito Leuthardo says:

    Don’t back down, Baker’s obviously not. Umpires have been acting like they’re above the game for too long. I’m sure his wife doesn’t like the negative attention of somebody calling for his job, but maybe she should call and tell him to knock it off rather than send you an email. Fuck Jordan Baker.

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  3. jonesy says:

    Is she hot?

  4. dilly says:

    gave him the benefit of doubt in the beginning. he’s throwing some gum, maybe manners were a lesson skipped in his house, but continuing after an entire section of fans are visibly upset by your gum throwing?? that’s just being an asshole. oh, and I’m all for defending those you love Mrs. Baker, but defending disgusting & disrespectful behavior just because he’s your husband? that’s just plain stupid. and to both of you… lets not forget those upset fans, who pay to be there, are the ones putting food on your table. apologies are in order.

  5. MLB Wanker says:

    Show the wife’s email! Inquiring minds want to see it

    • bp says:

      i’m debating it. there have now been three emails from her.

    • Dale says:

      Yes, Please can you give details on the email? I just can’t see how anyone could defend a umpire for throwing all that gum on the field of play? It makes no sense and could potentially disrupt the game.

  6. Con says:

    The gum throwing is a disgrace,but not nearly as disrespectful as the missed call at third during the D-backs-Cards game.

  7. Kev says:

    Call at third during the D’backs game was one of the worst calls i’ve ever seen

  8. Red says:

    Just blew a call in Dbacks Cards game tonight that would have been a 3rd out, and then cards scored a run. Trammel got thrown out and fox sports az commentators tore him up for his gum and is inability to call balls and strikes or get a call right at play at 3rd. Showed pictures of all the gum on the field.

  9. AustinA says:

    He’s doing it at the Diamondbacks game tonight as well. Right after blowing a call on Carlos Beltran being thrown out at third on a attempted steal. He was called safe when he was out by 3 feet.

    • AustinA says:

      Oh and then he ejected the DBacks bench coach cause he wasn’t too pleased that Alan Trammal didn’t agree with his abysmal umpiring.

  10. Jonas says:

    Yep, he missed a blatant out at 3rd base on a steal attempt.

    Then the Dbacks announcing crew has been all over him about his throwing the gum in the outfield. Bob Brenly even called him a disgrace to the game.

  11. Ethan says:

    Steve Berthiaume and Bob Brenley just called him out on-air regarding this disgusting, disrespectful action during the Dbacks vs. Cardinals game. A quick Googling of “Jordan Baker Umpire” brings up your site as the top link, even above his Wiki page. F him and the wife he rode in on.

  12. DBacks says:

    Watching the DBacks compete against the Cards tonight. The scumbag Jordan Baker blows a clear all at third. The tag was placed and the Cardinal runner slid into the glove before touching the base. About as clear as it gets that he was out. Scumbag Baker calls him safe. The television crew then went on to show the disgusting practice of Baker throwing his gum at the beautiful Busch Stadium. This guy needs to be FIRED!!!

  13. wrveres says:

    Youve got to publish his wifes emails. Right now he thinks he is above the game. Shaming him is the only way he’s going to stop his asinine behavior.

  14. Alsey says:

    I just watched the worst call of the season. It was at third base and the runner slid into Prado’s glove in a game between Cards & D Backs. The runner was called safe when it was an obvious out. This Jordan Baker jerk has apparantly attained the level of the Peter principle. Along with that he is an uncouth slob that should be banned from all baseball. He’s probably ripping off the gum from one of the dugout stashes.

  15. Jim Hopper says:

    Jordan Baker you are a disrespectful disgrace to the game! Then you throw out a 1st rate class act to the game in Alan Trammell. You are a joke who needs to be FIRED!

  16. Scott says:

    Jordan Baker, is the absolute best case for instant replay. His missed call at third in the Dbacks vs. Cards game is only one in a long line of missed calls and quick ejections. In a year when the strike zone is anything the umpire wants it to be Jordan Baker is among the worst umpires for calling balls and strikes. How this guy got to the major leagues is a total mystery. There are some pretty good umpires at the AAA level. Jordan Baker should be in AA ball, he certainly doesn’t belong in the Majors. His disgusting habit of spitting out his gum each inning is classless behavior but with Jordan Baker you get the whole package. Clueless and classless.

  17. Gregg says:

    Baker – listening 2 Bob Brenly & Steve tonight in St Louis. saw Baker with bad call on third. also saw him throwing gum after gum on the field. in preschool we all learned too place gum in wrapper or trash can. not Baker! what is he thinking throwing 20 pieces or so of chewed gum on field- gross!

  18. wrveres says:

    Apparently his wife is scrubbing his wikipedia page too. Somebody keeps deleting the gum tossing incident(s). Who else would care so much to protect this idiots behavior.

  19. Sharon says:

    [email protected]. Here’s where you can email to get the jerk to stop throwing his gum!

  20. cb in az says:

    Here is a man who clearly has no gratitude for being in a job that many people would give their right arm for, no regard for this hallowed game, and no respect for the fans or himself. Either apologize and desist and get a little humility, or go away!

  21. Jim Hopper says:

    Just sent my email. Thank you, Sharon.

  22. cb in az says:

    As much as I would love to see Mrs Baker’s emails, publishing them would put you in the same category as her classless gum-thowing husband. Don’t do it… Well, you could send them to me personally… :-)

  23. Johnny C says:

    sent my email too…thank you….facebook is blowing up over the disgust of this i posted your email…this pig
    has got to go

  24. Jim says:

    D’Backs mannaged a fortunate win over the Cardinals,
    IN SPITE of Bubble Gum Baker.

  25. clark says:

    Jordan Baker is a gum-spitting maggot. He is a terrible sorry excuse for an umpire, . and his attitude, poor play calling, and gum spitting has got to go.

  26. Cole says:

    This guy is not only disrespectful to the game with the gum throwing he is a terrible umpire. If you can find it he almost cost the Dbacks the game last night with a blown call at third base.

  27. Leo McOtis says:

    I called MLB in NYC today about Jordan Baker and his disrespectful antics including his horrible umpiring. Bob Brenly wasn’t the only one having an aneurysm last night watching this arrogant egomaniac carry on his ridiculous antics. He has got to go and fast. Brenly and his robo ump idea is becoming more credible everyday.

    • CB in AZ says:

      Wow, you called MLB?? What did you say? What did they say? I’m not bein’ a wise guy, I’m really interested in knowing!

      • Leo McOtis says:

        I got connected to a guy who said he was not familiar with the situation. He seemed sincere when he said he would pass along my comments to the appropriate people. He seemed shocked by what I was describing. I emailed them as well. I probably got more satisfaction in getting a chance to vent than I will get from MLB doing anything. Probably I should have identified myself as Bob Brenly.

  28. Rick Daniels says:

    At first I thought it was just more media attantion, but there seem to be more and more blown calls this year than ever before. And I am seeing a lot more animosity coming from the umpires and being directed toward the players. What I don’t inderstand, is MLB paying 6 figures a year for an outsourced product. In a day and age where MLB wants their hand in every pocket, including their own TV Network, how can they possibly rely on umpires who are not trained by them in some degree. To allow old, retired, bitter umpires to own and operate umpiring schools, and be at the mercy of the poor product that comes out of them, is nothing short of ludicrous. It is time that MLB takes control of training and promoting the umpires. And to teach them that they are suppose to remain in the background, not the foreground. We pay to watch the players, not the umps.

  29. Steven Snell says:

    What an absolute clown. Umpires operate with absolutely no consequences. This guy blows more calls than most other umps and he disrespects the field and the game itself with his ignorant ritual.

    • william Wright says:

      EXACTLY how many calls has this Ump blown this year? DO you have a count? EXACTLY. Put your money up and lets see.

  30. cb in az says:

    The blown calls are one thing. I mean, not that its acceptable, but c’mon – who doesn’t make a mistake on occasion? The gum spitting/tossing is another thing altogether, deliberate, dirty and disrespectful, and that’s what I can’t get past.

  31. Dan D says:

    This guy is garbage. The blown call at third last night may have caused the Dbacks to lose. Unacceptable. Then tonight the Dbacks had a taylor made double play and that fat idiot can’t get out of the way and the ball bounces off of him, everyone safe and the inning continues……Cards get two runs because this moron cant get out of the way. It really wasn’t hit that hard, complete garbage. Also, the gum throwing is ridiculous , who do you think you are you dopey goon. Have some respect Baker, you are an eembarrassment to the sport and I hope you are not really that self diluted to think that you are not a worthless fat piece os used chewed bubblegum

  32. Gut says:


  33. Brian says:

    someone married this slob a-hole? I bet she enjoys cleaning up is brown-streaked undies which I’m certain he throws on the floor just like his disgusting gumwads.

  34. Aaron Ververs says:

    Baker’s wife sez: “The only wads I care about are the hot, creamy ones he tosses me behind closed doors!”

  35. Jerry says:

    I have long felt placing chewing gum where it can contact another person should be a capital offense. I was calling a high school game one day when the batter stepped into the batter’s box and then spit his gum into the opposite batter’s box. I immediately called time and made him pick it up and walk it over to deposit it in the trash can. If he had fiddly-farted around I would have called a strike on him every 10 seconds or so while he dawdled. Maybe the outfielders should gather up the gum, give Baker a wedgie and drop the gum down his tighty-whiteys.

  36. william Wright says:

    Well all I hear about is the GUM chuncking ump. What would you do if you were a player who dove for a ball or picked up a ball rolling in a nice wad of Tobacco spit? How disgusting would that be but we havent heard one work from the LOBSHOT guy with the big mouth ( who had to wait for a seat in the 8th inning to move down close to the field to capture the pic) How disgusting is it for the players to grab at themselves and rearrange thier package or spit on National TV. I havent heard one word about this Mr. BigMouth. I guess it just goes to show you have a vendetta with a 30 year old Major League Ump making it when your out in the cheap seats running your mouth. I will chaulk it up to a vendetta that you have. Grow up. I guess you were so prim and proper while growing up. Oh yes, I forgot the language and taughting that you were using was straight from your MOTHERS VOCABULARY. Guess your manners were in check. Your MOTHER woould really be proud of you AZZ WIPE. Get another beer and yell a lil more and show your stupidity.

  37. bp says:

    apologies for not responding to every comment individually… I have written a follow-up post about Jordan Baker, the emails with his wife, and what Joe Torre had to say about the gum throwing.

  38. Donnie Cody says:

    Just witnessed Jordan behind the plate at the Rangers/A’s game. Worst behind the plate umpire I’ve ever seen.

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