Gum Throwing Umpire, Jordan Baker, Has No Respect for Baseball


Gumgate 2013! That’s me. A very angry me. This minor league fill-in umpire, Jordan Baker, needs to be fired. Okay, maybe fired is a bit harsh… but fined at least. Or sent back to the bush leagues. This piece of trash umpire was on third base last night for the Padres vs. Blue Jays walk-off Friars win. Every single half inning, until his gum ran out around the 14th or 15th inning, he would take a few steps out to the outfield as players jogged back to their dugouts and hurl his gum. Just chucking giant wads of chewed up gum into shallow left field.

jordan bakerThere’s a close-up of Jordan Baker. I’d never heard of him prior to last nights game. That’s the way it’s supposed to be with umpires. Nameless, faceless. I didn’t end up in the front row seats in left field until the 8th inning, and when I did, I was informed of his gum throwing antics. I didn’t believe it until I saw it. That’s when things started to escalate. I started laying into him every time the half inning came to a close. Shouting that he was a disgrace to the game and disrespecting the players, the field, and umpires everywhere. I know it’s hard to see, but I zoomed in with my iPhone and tried to get a photos of the giant pile of gum.

gum at petco

As this behavior continued, I may have shouted “COWARD!” at Jordan Baker a time or two. Our crew: Caster, Body, Showman, Gibbs, Dilly, Big Dave and myself may have started a few “JOR-DAN! BA-KER! *clap-clap-clapclapclap* JOR-DAN! BA-KER! *clap-clap-clapclapclap*” chants. This did not deter him. Not only did he not stop, he started taunting me/us with his hand motions, waving me off, motioning me to sit down… then he walked over to the crew chief Angel Hernandez (I think) at second base, and started chatting about me yelling and pointing at me.

The next half inning? This Jordan Baker clown drew out his pockets as if to say, “I don’t have anymore gum”… then pointed over to his boy Angel, and then the FREAKING CREW CHIEF REACHED INTO HIS MOUTH, GRABBED A FAT WAD OF CHEWING GUM, AND THREW IT MY DIRECTION. Then they both had a nice jolly laugh. These friggin’ guys. Of course, they couldn’t throw the gum all the way to me from the edge of the infield, but they tried. I was able to capture some video of the event early on in extra innings. Apologies for my language.

YouTube Preview Image

Again, not great language, but I was so fired up, I wasn’t thinking about it… and what in the world would possess me to turn up an accent that I don’t have and drop a “WATCH OUT FOR THA GUM, SWEET’EART!” is beyond me. Seemed funny at the time. Regardless, you can clearly see him chucking his gum. A fan nearby sent me another video of it happening, and me yelling at him toward the end.

YouTube Preview Image

Hear those boos? He knew what he was doing. He knew it was wrong. He did it anyway.

Now, you might be saying to yourself… “players spit gum and seeds on the field all the time, calm down, BP… what’s the big deal?” Well, I’ll tell you what the big deal is. This clown is a replacement ump with no respect for the game of baseball. I know Luke Yoder, the head grounds keeper for the Padres. Dude is a stud, best in the business. He and his team work their asses off to make the field at Petco the best kept field in all of Major League Baseball. If the players decide to throw stuff on the field… that’s one thing… for an umpire to do it with a fat wad of bubble gum… every freaking half inning… is despicable.

Gum thrower Jordan Baker started a fight with CC Sabathia just last month. Here’s a hot-headed ejection he did in a Padres vs. Giants game, full story here.


Here’s our old buddy Peavy arguing with him.

jordan baker jake peavy

List just seems to go on and on with this guy. My mom taught me to choose my battles wisely. She’s probably questioning this one… but for whatever reason, I can’t stand for this gum throwing ump. It’s got me fired up. Such arrogance and disrespect for the game that I love. I won’t stand for it. Somebody get these videos in Selig’s hands. I’m not stopping until something is done or this joker is sent back to the minors.

Sleep with one eye open, Jordan Baker… you just met your worst nightmare.

**UPDATE: He strikes again… and his wife emailed me***

**UPDATE: He’s still throwing gum and blowing calls in St. Louis***


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83 Responses to Gum Throwing Umpire, Jordan Baker, Has No Respect for Baseball

  1. Mike says:

    Dude. Awesome rant. I think Luke should kick his ass

    • bp says:

      Yoder’s a lover, not a fighter.

    • Corey says:

      So yeah he just got hired by the big leagues this past week haha so much for you guys doing anything about it. Not even a trash post like this can keep a man from accomplishing his dreams.

      • bp says:

        the post was on point, corey. your comment was not. good for him getting a job. just don’t throw gum on the field. then everybody’s happy.

  2. Dirk says:

    Sorry but how exactly is the umpire throwing gum on the field different from the players doing it?

    • bp says:

      seriously? you don’t see the difference? if nothing else, the difference in sheer volume?

      • tr says:

        No – please explain it to me. Players chew and spit gum (and tobacco) and pitchers get away with pine tar and sunscreen and all sorts of cheating. Just because umps don’t have million dollar contracts, they can’t spit out gum? Sure, it’s gross, and I wouldn’t do it myself, and it’s even weird. But is this worth booing a man, or “kicking his ass” as others have suggested below?

        Grow up an appreciate the game for what it is. It’s a sport, not a religion, and it’s an outfield, not an altar. Get pissed over the blown calls, not over chewing gum. Be a fan of the game, and not a sports-gossip junkie. Trash blog posts like this are the reason there are sites like TerezOwens.

        • JW says:

          Sorry, but the players aren’t allowed to chew tobacco anymore…

        • JW says:

          Its a easy one to explain. First if the players throw gum out on the feild they only have each other to blame. But if umpire throws it out on the field and a player lands in it who’s to blame players and yell at them they will get thrown out of the game. Umpires are there to keep the game moving along and judge it fair. Not make them selfs part of the game. He blew the call at 3rd base the same night then gets in the way of the ball next night.

    • jphr says:

      He’s doing it again and it’s almost as disgusting as his calls. He’s asking normal working people to pick up his SLOBBER. The slobber he SPITS out every half inning after he’s made horrible calls.

  3. Justin says:

    you know it’s serious when BP posts on Saturday…

  4. Rian says:

    Why don’t you call the Padres about this? Tell them about this? Might actually get him fired, and maybe some free fix

  5. leila says:

    If he were a salesman and was a guest in someone’s office, would he throw gum on the floor and mock the patrons? My guess is probably.

    You pretty much said it all in the second paragraph — umpires aren’t supposed to get any attention. Too many of them act like they’re the reason fans watch the game. Not to say that the rest of your rant is useless, but really you could’ve been much more concise. :)

  6. Benito Leuthardo says:

    Fuck this guy. PLEASE, somebody get this to league offices and let them get rid of this piece of shit. It’s bad enough that he does it, but to taunt fans who realize it’s bullshit behavior is ridiculous.

    …..and how is this different than players doing it? No player in the history of baseball at any level has thrown 20+ pieces of gum on the field in one game. I put that on my momma.

    • william Wright says:

      Do you know that to be a FACT sir. Have you actually counted how many sunflower seeds or bubble gums were left on the field. Now really sir, Have you counted them? Your a real wine er!

      • Benito Leuthardo says:

        Yes, I do know that to be fact. I don’t have a job, I live in my aunt’s basement and I’m gonna start a blog where I count baseball field litter. I’ve been doing years of research and Jordan Baker is the biggest offender in the history of baseball with a 2.0 gum-to-inning ratio. Timmy Johnson of Missoula, MT Little League is the next highest offender with a 1.72 GTIR.

        So fuck you.

  7. Bull Benn says:

    Seems like a hard on. El Presidente Buddy needs to tell this guy to know his role and shut his mouth AND issue a formal apology for the respect of the game that gives him so much. Either that or he needs a junk punch by a fastball.

    Btw, I love the accented “sweet’art.”

  8. Ross says:

    My buddy is Selig’s pilot. Maybe I should have him leave a copy of this story on his seat next trip…

  9. Mike says:

    How many empty beer glasses, nacho treys, and hot dog wrappers were left on your row alone? Get off your high horse.

  10. bigyaz says:

    I love your satire. It’s almost as if you REALLY got upset about gum on a baseball field. Once i realized it was all an Onion-style joke I laughed hysterically.

    Good one! You should submit this to SportsPickle!

  11. william Wright says:

    Hey Jack Ass, yes you . The ass in the video sqeaking your opinion about bubble gum on the field. Get a life. Either you had the wrong bet that night or you just dont like a young man who has EARNED his way to the Bigs and want to give him SHIT. Your a dumb ass and should just love the game and leave the officiating to the umps. Your probably one of those drunks who couldnt buy a ticket to get a great seat and had to wait until some others left to move your sorry ass into hollering range. I dont think Mr. Baker would goto your work place and scrutnize your bad habbits. That is if you even have a JOB. I am sure your closet is clean and skeleton free. Drink up. A 20 dollar ticket gives you the right to police the umps. Yea Right Go get another cold one Jack Ass.

    • Greanthumb says:

      You’re a real genius^^^
      What makes u think throwing that much bubble gum on a ball feild is acceptable. Lemme guess…. U stick your gum under the table at restaurants before eating.
      Baby Huey needs to respect the feild or find another job.

    • Mac says:

      You’re* (twice)
      see definition of apostrophe, they look like ‘ and should be used in words like “Couldn’t” or “Don’t”

      Cute try. Just unbelievably non-offensive.

      • Josh says:

        Just had to give some kudos to my boy Mac. I always found the irony of the sentence “your such a dumbass” to be absolutely hilarious. You did however miss one correction of the grammar of our mentally semi-disabled friend mr wright up there… Mr wright: if you are trying to emphasize something as an insult, try to emphasize the correct word. You said “if you even have a JOB”. When an intelligent person would say “if you even HAVE a job”

      • Josh says:

        Oh and by the way… I’m only 29, and yet im old enough to remember umpires who would avoid even stepping on the chalk lines out of respect. Ive played the game my whole life and I (as well as all true baseball fans) know that the baseball field is a sacred place; for a douchey, fat-faced, smug umpire like this guy to defile the field like that is an absolute discrace. BP- you should just email his wife back and set up a time when you can go bang her!

    • MLB Wanker says:

      William Wright IS Jordan Baker.

    • Scott says:

      William Wright AKA Jordan Baker, nice try Jordan. So Jordan did you or your alter ego William Wright play Pugsley on the Addams Family?

    • Your Nemesis says:

      Dear William Wright,

      You need to work on your spelling, honey.

      “Your a dumb ass” should be “You’re a dumb ass”. “Your probably one of” shoud be “You’re probably one of”. “couldnt” is correctly spelled “couldn’t”. “goto” should be “go to”. “scrutnize” is correctly spelled “scrutinize”.

      You also need to work on some punctuation. “Yea Right Go get another” needs a comma as in “Yea Right, go get another”.

      By the way, I’m not an English major, so other readers feel free to correct any mistakes I may have made in correcting dear William.

      P.S. I’m not entirely sure, but I think “Jack Ass” should be one word, as in “Jackass”.

  12. Greanthumb says:

    Complete and TOTAL scum bucket

  13. Herm says:

    Why would you throw gum on the playing surface when you could walk just as far to the dugout and throw it away? In my eyes its extremely disrespectul and shows the rules do not apply to him. I’m pretty shocked by this umpire…and surprised some are supporting his antics.

    • Greanthumb says:

      Preach it!

    • darmund says:

      What rules?


      You are the tardest of tards.

      There aren’t ANY rules against players or coaches or managers OR umpires spitting or throwing tobacco or sunflower seeds or gum on the field.

      And spare us the “but….but….but the umpires MUST be held to a higher standard.”

      take that and cram it up your stinking hairy, stinking butthole.

      O NOES!!!!!!!!! 17 pieces of chewed bubble gum strewn about a major league field????

      NOT THAT!!!!!

      Why, the grounds crew will have to cancel games for the next MONTH to repair the turf.



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  15. jonesy says:

    antagonizing drunks = fun…..
    antagonizing a whole section of drunks = priceless

  16. Harry Pair says:

    The guy is dumping chewed bubble gum on the field EVERY HALF INNING. He clearly is coming from off the field to begin working again, and waiting until then to throw it away?!?!?! It doesn’t make a difference if he is a big league ump or minor league, replacement or not – there is no reason for his laziness! Your fat ass was just standing next to or in the vacinity of at least one receptacle for trash. I understand the majority of the bin was full of your shitty umpiring, but surely there was enough room in there for another piece of gum. I am completely shocked that he is that disrespectful! As far as his wife having his back, good for you to defend him – but there comes a point where you have to slap him in the back of his head and tell him to use some common sense! I completely agree that umps are showboating and trying to include themselves as a bigger part of the game than they are. They are not the face of the game, never have been – never will be.

    • bp says:

      harry pair, huh? quite a name you’ve chosen for yourself.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Are you dense? Where is this off the field, trash receptacle appointed area where the umpires “clearly” go between innings? Have you ever seen a baseball game before?

  17. jb says:

    Gum thrower strikes again: Dbacks VS Cards….Base runner is thrown out at third, unless your gum thrower….

  18. tony says:

    Look at the call on beltrans steal to 3rd today, dbacks cardinals. Awful then he did the same thing with the gum. Look up fox sports az broadcast, what a joke jordan baker is

  19. Anna says:

    After watching the same guy make a HORRIBLE call at 3rd in the DBacks, Cards game, and then throwing out bench coach Trammel, and then throwing his nasty gum out on the field, I decided to look him up. He is the worst ump and should be fined for being so disrespectful to the game and grounds keepers who have to clean up after him. Btw… they mentioned the altercation at the Padres game when pointing out his gum pile on tv.

  20. Brad says:

    I’m watching the Dbacks/Cardinals game right now. Never heard of Jordan Baker before today, what a clown. He made a terrible call at 3rd that has changed the game. Now, he’s throwing gum all over the field. The broadcaster have caught on to it and are showing it all over the field. Unbelievable, he just walks out every inning and throws a was of chewed up gum on the field. This guy’s gotta go.

  21. Sue says:

    Bp …Get him! Watching dbacks game right now. when I saw him doing this I couldn’t believe it!! He should be fired, what in the world would ever lead him to believe that this is o.k. More importantly how could his boss ever believe this is o.k ? What am I missing here , totally unbelievable, What an arrogant jerk !

  22. tony says:

    Game over dbacks win but wait jordan baker blew it for the rookie, 2nd carrer game . Its not even about that its respect for the game but i feel for skaggs

  23. Steve says:

    What a piece of garbage. They keep flashing his collection of chewed gum every inning. No excuse for being disrespectful to the people who have to clean up after you. Send this to his mom and maybe she’ll kick his ass.

  24. Johnny C says:

    I’m glad the Dback announcers called out this prick for his lack of respect…Bob Brenly was livid at this guy for the blown call at 3rd but even more so for the gum. I will gladly get kicked out of a game by throwing 20 pieces of chewed gum at this jerk.

  25. Mike T says:

    Unbelievable totally blows a call at third that sent the game to extras and denied the rookie T. Skaggs of his 2nd win of the season in as many starts. But to then see the Az Broadcasters call him out repeatedly every half inning as he deposited another wad of gum in shallow left field. Also to find out he did the same thing two days straight in Petco and getting called on it by fans a it should have happened but then see he had the cajones to jump in those fans faces. What a douche with a capitol D. The guys at Petco should have collected it all and asked the maid for the pass key at his hotel and left it scattered around his room and in his bed. What a disgusting pig and a disgrace to an umpire uniform. I would imagine after Bob Brenly calling him out on live TV I don’t see how it wouldn’t get the required attention from MLB. Will be interesting to find out what will happen then.
    Here’s the link to the mild version of BB calling him out posted on the highlights from

  26. Nathan says:

    Someone please throw a fat wad of gum at this fool. I think a baseball size wad would be fitting. Is there a way we can find out where he’s umping next?

  27. Curt says:

    This guy missed a call last night at third base that wasn’t even close that could have changed the outcome of the game. The gum throwing is disgusting. If a player had to make a diving catch he would need a new uniform. It is like the umpires union has no respect for the game.

  28. tony says:

    Ya because of that call all the players had to play deep into thr night im sure there all exausted

  29. Kevin H says:

    Here’s a nice little piece of this moron when he ejected (deservedly) Carlos Carrasco from my Indians earlier this year. Carrasco had plunked Youk… Baker walked towards Carlos… threw him back a baseball, then kind of waved his hand which apparently was an ejection. Why did he throw the ball to him?

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  31. Juha Pohjola says:

    The only disgrace here IMO is your shitty ass blog. Whiny fucking maggot.

  32. John B. says:

    This disgusts me. I see these tools at the big league level then I have to take heat for it as HS an College ump. When these idiots get into the news, fans seem to think that they represent all umps at all levels. It just disgusts me that this F(&* thinks he’s that big in the game to do anything but make calls. He’s doing this to get attention. Wrong way to do it buddy. You want attention, make good calls. be in the right position and make the right call!! Be consistent with your balls and strikes. Look at the NFL refs. the good ones are the ones that make the good calls, always in position and the players know what they are going to get every time because of consistency in the calls. Wake F-head. your a piece of garbage out there in the blue. What a DB.

  33. Corey says:

    I think id rather complain about his missed calls, rather than his gum throwing. Its really no different when the players spit sunflower seed shells, tobacco spit and gum. Him being a smartass about it along with angel is a little wrong, dont we have more serious things to complain about.

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  35. Emily says:

    KARMA STRIKES!!! Too fun getting to see him get hit by a ball this evening!! :)

    • Will says:

      The problem with him getting hit by the ball is his slow fat ass interrupted the double play and allowed the Cardinals to score two runs that they would have not gotten if not for him causing yet another extension of an inning. Jordan Baker is complete garbage. He better not be at Chase Field on June 18th and 19th or he is going to get an earful. I’ll make his pansy little ass cry.

  36. cb says:

    here’s the problem…you are a FAN. You do not get a say about what happens on the field. That is why you are PAYING to be in the STANDS, instead of GETTING PAID to be on the FIELD.

  37. Concernedfan says:

    This baker guy cost the DBacks 4 runs in 2 days with blown calls and poor field position…I have never heard of him until last night and…after seeing this on top of his poor umpiring (I have nothing against these guys they do there jobs as best they can)…guy needs a check for sure.

    He has gotten way to much attention for being gross and making poor calls, something should be done.

  38. Kevin Hopfer says:

    This has to be a joke, right? Getting mad at the ump for throwing gum onto the field? I know there can be a lot of downtime at a baseball game but get off the guys ass. If the players haven’t complained then why are you guys so upset? You can’t even get on the field. If I were the groundscrew, I’d rather pick up 14 pieces of gum than chew. This “rant” is about as stupid as an elementary school offering counseling for kids who saw a classmate chew a poptart into the shape of a gun.

    • Chris says:

      “If the players haven’t complained then why are you guys so upset? ”

      Have you seen the short fuse on this guy? They’ll probably be ejected if they ask him what flavor he’s chewing, let alone complain about where he puts his ABCs…

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  40. Bud Bong says:

    Has this guy never stepped in gum before?! O he was with Angel Hernandez? Being an Oakland A’s fan/ season ticket holder, Angel as a special place in my heart for the A’s/Cleveland fiasco back in May, so to hear theses guys are working together is only to be expected. Yes go ahead throw 1 or 2 but my god it’s not that hard to control your self in a way that nobody notices you. That’s what good umps do.

  41. tony says:

    Kevin it is a dumb thing to complain about the golf ball sized wads of gum all over one spot, people are just angry about the calls and wanna rip him any way they can lol he does deserve the critiscism if its repeated

  42. Wow says:

    Complaining about missed calls or ejections is fine. Throwing gum? Who cares?! This is the absolute dumbest thing I’ve seen someone complain about.
    The only thing I’ve gotten out of this is that you’re insane. What stupid thing to waste your time on. Why don’t you go volunteer at an orphanage or something useful instead of whining like a bitch about his guy?

    • caster says:

      i’m sorry, but i don’t hear any whining. it’s an observation AND an opinion about that observation. that’s what blogs are about, right? or maybe you overlooked that fact while thinking of this brilliant comment. personally, if i was an outfielder making a diving catch in short left, late in the game, i’d prefer nice freshly manicured grass to going face-first into 18 wads of sticky, chewed-up Bubble Yum. you prefer the wads…to dive through? you a wad diver, sir?

      • Wow says:

        You must not have watched the videos if you didn’t hear any whining. And yeah, blogs are all about having and sharing opinions, but that doesn’t mean that those opinions can’t be ridiculous.
        And I’d rather dive through some chewing gum than slide through tobacco spit like players used to. THAT was a disgusting habit. But you’re right, if a player doesn’t want to dive into chewing gum and sees it as a big deal, then they can complain about it. However, I don’t see how the gum throwing in any way, shape, or form hurts the drunk fatasses booing him.

  43. James says:

    I work for Stein Education Center and PETCO grounds authority hires my students with mental disabilities to pick up lose garbage and trash throughout the stadium and parking lot, and a few pieces of gum is NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING compared to the nasty things the fans leave for my kids to pick up ( WHICH I usually end up picking up )!!!! That exact area where you are sitting had a plethora of garbage that it pours onto the field…..Get a freakin life

  44. Kevin says:

    Awesome…I’m glad you did something about this.
    Its blowing up on yahoo news:

    (I was on of the guys in a blue jays hat sitting in the section beside you.) You’re spot on with how disrespectful he was being. He seemed to take joy in being an ass.

  45. Jarod says:

    I think your over reacting. Baker is an amazing person who has an amazing love the game. He’s worked hard to get where he’s at… Everyone makes mistakes and nobody’s perfect. Bake will obviously make better decisions next time and bounce back from this. The things you say about him (like you know him) are completely wrong, sorry.

  46. bp says:

    apologies for not responding to every comment individually… I have written a follow-up post about Jordan Baker, the emails with his wife, and what Joe Torre had to say about the gum throwing.

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