Who Is This Lil Slugger?


I know I’ve done a bunch of these “who is this?” posts lately, but I love them, so deal with it. Hint: this little guy didn’t play an professional sports. Scroll for the answer.















President Obama.


[via @si_vault]

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3 Responses to Who Is This Lil Slugger?

  1. Greanthumb says:

    I guessed it.

  2. Bull Benn says:

    Three major clues right there:
    1. Not professional athlete- but still famous enough for people to recognize.
    2. University of Hawaii T-Shirt
    3. Holding the bat left handed and BHO is a lefty… meant with double entendre, of course

    BTW, did you know that Presidential left-handedness occurs at almost twice the rate of the normal population?

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