D Wade’s Checkered (Polka Dot?) Capri Suit is Hot Fire…


Anybody mocking this outfit has zero fashion sense. Hot fire. All the high end designers are pushing this look. You won’t ever wear it because you can’t afford it. Don’t knock it because you can’t rock it.

*update: looks like those are polka dots… even better*


[via @cfbsection]

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4 Responses to D Wade’s Checkered (Polka Dot?) Capri Suit is Hot Fire…

  1. Bull Benn says:

    Is this his way of making Jason Collins feel welcome in the NBA??? … … crickets… … What, too soon?

  2. Michael says:

    Didn’t we ban dudes in capris after the Tyson Chandler disaster? Polka dot suit. Fine. Flooding by a foot? Not fine. Reminds me of Hank Azaria when he had to be a fake butler in The Birdcage. Which actually makes sense in this instance. Maybe it’s so wrong, it’s right.

  3. French Baguette of Love says:

    Yes, sure. Here’s the thing, he doesn’t believe a bit of what he’s wearing. You can tell because there’s no editing to it all. An overeager stylist is just layering on the trends and it looks. Where’s the quality control?

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