Mrs. Doubtfire > Kim Kardashian


Robin Williams bringing the tweet heat! It’s not easy to make an old couch cover look good. America’s favorite nanny did it with grace and style. American’s favorite nobody did not. Curious to if Kim is still all bent out of shape about the time I was accused of threatening to  kill her. Yes, you read that right.


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7 Responses to Mrs. Doubtfire > Kim Kardashian

  1. Cohner says:

    Well played, Robin. Well played.

  2. Steve French says:

    The one with a job has a nicer body.

  3. Steve French says:

    Pretty confident they both do!

  4. jonesy says:

    The wallpaper on the left is funny as hell….the one on the right has a bunch of…well, stains on it.

  5. Ray Finkle says:

    Great to see Kim K finding a way to re-use Al Bundy’s old couch.

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