Manti Te’o Fake Dead Girlfriend Jokes are HYSTERICAL


I want to make it clear I think Steve Breen of the U-T is a good cartoonist. I know it’s his job as a cartoonist to create pieces like the one you see above… but it’s so predictable, so tired. The media circus surrounding Te’o will be intense… I, for one, will not be adding fuel to the Lennay Kekua fire. Over it. He got duped. We’ll never know to what extent how much he knew, or didn’t know… or when he knew. He said some things to cover his tracks because he felt like an idiot for getting duped by some weird kid with an obsession for him. Think about how embarrassed and self-conscience you’d be if this happened to you. I can’t imagine. He seems like a good kid. I’m glad he’s on the Chargers. So, yeah, while it’s easy to make jokes about the girlfriend that never was… it was funny back when it happened, kinda, but it’s not now. It’s the antithesis of clever. So knock it off.


[via UT’s Steve Breen]

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10 Responses to Manti Te’o Fake Dead Girlfriend Jokes are HYSTERICAL

  1. Axion says:


  2. Cohner says:

    Wait. Aren’t you the same guy that called Teo a “douche canoe” and didn’t want the Chargers to draft him last week? Just askin…

    • bp says:

      Nope. In an unexpected turn of events… Showman posted a blog on the 8-letter. Go check the author… not me.

      • Cohner says:

        My sincerest apologies. Honest mistake. No one in their right mind could have predicted Showman would contribute to the site. Ha!

  3. jonesy says:

    On the bright side for Manti Te’o, his relationship was probably better than any Taylor Swift has had.

  4. jonesy says:

    Manti Te’o wasn’t missing tackles in the National Championship, he was hugging his girlfriend.

  5. Trevor says:

    Who really cares if he’s crazy or not, it only matters what he does for the Chargers. Stupid comic.

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