Ya’ll Gon’ Make Me Lose My Mind… Upton Here! Upton Here!


Got that email from MLB.com this morning. It’s already April, so it’s time to get your votes in for the All-Star game! But, uh, MLB emailing person guy, you mighta put the wrong Upton you clearly put the correct Upton on that there email. People did Correct me if because I’m wrong.


Those stats are pulled from my Yahoo! fantasy league… with Justin being the best player in all the land… numero uno. BJ’s nipping at his heels though… coming in as the 694th ranked player. Friggin’ So good call, MLB.



[Thanks to the comment section & @jmglion for straightening me out… what an idiot I am]

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5 Responses to Ya’ll Gon’ Make Me Lose My Mind… Upton Here! Upton Here!

  1. Dou says:

    Bo Jackson : Degenerative Hip :: DMX : Asthma

    The loss of DMX’s stage presence is the most under-recognized musical tragedy of the 21st century, fact.

  2. Dane says:

    Are you saying that’s BJ’s face the MLB put on this ballot promotional image?

    If so, I assure you that it is indeed Justin’s face there. I know. I’m a lifelong D-Backs fan (I was 12 during the expansion season of 98′), and that face haunts my dreams.


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