The Rockies Have a Doubleheader Today – Good Luck With That.


You know a big a major league ball park is? They’re huge. These clowns are shoveling snow by hand? What year is this? Get it together, Denver. It’sĀ embarrassing.

YouTube Preview Image


*update* another photo from this morning…



[via @rockies]

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3 Responses to The Rockies Have a Doubleheader Today – Good Luck With That.

  1. Rob Scanlan says:

    They cleared it by hand last week also. They didnt want to bring heavy trucks on the field. Dont even know why they are trying today because its still snowing outside. I’d be shocked if they get an inning in, although i dont know how the hell they got the Mets double header in last week. btw it was 70 on sunday. This sucks

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  3. Rob Scanlan says:

    So this is what shocked feels like… ok.

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