What The Hell is This Manta GT Race Car Looking Thing?


Saw that bad boy driving in Bay Park on Sunday… kinda looked like a McLaren, right? I looked online and saw that you can buy these things in kits on eBay like this one. A replica of a McLaren or something? Way cheaper than I thought…only $14K, or is this something else all together? No clue. Look how tiny the cab of that car is! Two dudes were in there. This is not a vehicle made for normal sized dudes. Friggin’ tiny.


[Photos taken by my lovely bride... as I was driving. Safety first.]

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3 Responses to What The Hell is This Manta GT Race Car Looking Thing?

  1. ross says:

    I think it’s a Manta Mirage. Fiberglass body on a tube chassis with a small block V8 in it. I think they sold them as kits too.

    Not really a replica, but sort of looks like the Mclaren CanAm cars of the late 1960′s.

    Not the Mclaren I covet, the legendary 3 seater F1:


    • Norman Flowers says:

      I just saw your pictures of my car. It is a replica of a McLaren M8C Can Am Car built by Manta Cars in Costa Mesa in the 70′s. There are a few of these cars around but not many drivable especially in San Diego. Visit my facebook page to see more information. https://www.facebook.com/norm.flowers.3 or look on YouTube for videos I have taken under “fisheye”. Look for the car this summer at the car shows in San Diego. Norm

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