The San Diego Airport Has a “Pet Relief” Room for Dogs to Pee on a Fire Hydrant


I only have one question… if I walk up and take a leak on this hydrant, am I gonna get fined? If so, how much? Okay, that’s two questions. I need answers. Gotta do some risk/reward calculations…

*update* – here are the blueprints. haha. Why’s this so funny to me? [thanks, B.Wild.]



[h/t @sduncovered]

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7 Responses to The San Diego Airport Has a “Pet Relief” Room for Dogs to Pee on a Fire Hydrant

  1. jonesy says:

    any way they can paint that black and orange?

  2. marink says:

    from someone who travels with a dog a lot, airports that have these make life so much easier.

    • bp says:

      can people pee in there too? serious question.

    • Annie says:

      I have a Service Dog that travels everywhere with me. I have to plan my flight connections according to the location of pet relief areas. If you only have an hour between flights, you cannot get outside most airports and back through security in time for your flight. All major airports need to start putting pet relief areas inside the terminal inside the secured area. This may look silly to some people but for those of us that want to be kind to our companion animals and provide them this relief, it is necessary. To answer the question posted above…NO, humans cannot use this area.

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