Fandango Follows One Person on Twitter… Joyce Meyer


There are some things in this world I just can’t wrap my head around… this is one of them. Time to do work, lobsters. Time to figure out why in the world Fandango’s one follow on twitter is Joyce Meyer. Is it a joke? Is it just to get bloggers to pose this very question? Does he just LOVE her work more than anyone else on the world? It’s all very confusing. Please get to the bottom of this, internet. Post inspired by this tweet:


Predictably, Kanye’s one follow is Kim Kardashian… who I once threatened to kill, apparently.


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One Response to Fandango Follows One Person on Twitter… Joyce Meyer

  1. Dan says:

    Joyce is fandangos mother. I was talking to him last night and asked him myself. If any proof is needed please email me. Thanks.

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