Keep an Eye Out for This Idiot at Petco Park Today…

fssd-smirk-bpThen, if you see him… smack that stupid smirk off his face.

So, I’m wearing my Lobshots/Padres/Cripes! t-shirt and my 1982 Ray Kroc b-day hat to the game today… the same gear I rocked for the Fox Sports San Diego “Bloggers Take Over” broadcast. I actually thought about it for awhile too… “what am I gonna wear to the home opener?” Never do I feel more like a chick than when I ponder my “outfit.” Pathetic. No joke, to this day I remember what I wore to my first day of Jr. High. Is that weird? It’s weird, right?¬†Low top vans, black Quiksilver shorts, and a Vision Street Wear t-shirt.

Go Padres.



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8 Responses to Keep an Eye Out for This Idiot at Petco Park Today…

  1. Fortunata says:

    I’ll be at the game too so I thought I should share what I’m wearing. I’m wearing skinny black jeans from Nordstrom, a navy blue and white striped shirt from Forever 21, blue flats with a bow, brown belt from GAP, tank top from banana republic.
    I feel a lot better now that everyone knows.

  2. Greanthumb says:

    Lol Brent!

  3. little caster says:

    is this shirt in stores yet?

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