Worst MLB Hats Ever Made? Or Best?

Floral bills!!! I want to wear one of these bad boys just so people will look at me and wonder if I’m wearing it because I legitimately think it’s a great hat… or if I’m wearing it because I know it’s so awful that it’s hilarious.


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3 Responses to Worst MLB Hats Ever Made? Or Best?

  1. diggerjohn111 says:

    Ye gods! That makes the NCAA Basketball Fruit Stripes look tasteful and dignified.

  2. Jeremy Nash says:

    Where’s the link? The missus needs a Padres one!

    • bp says:

      I got them in an email from JackThreads. No Padres hat showed up. The maker is American Needle, but I couldn’t find the hats on their website. Bizarre.

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