The Most Hated College Basketball Players Bracket

Click to enlarge. Grantland did a fun little bracket to determine “The Most Hated College Basketball Players of the Last 30 Years.” Click the link to read up on how they came up with the list. I started to fill out my bracket, but quickly realized it was pointless. Here’s how my bracket looks.

If Joakim Noah and Adam Morrison are gonna knock themselves out in 2nd round … there’s just no point in filling out the rest of it.


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3 Responses to The Most Hated College Basketball Players Bracket

  1. little caster says:

    Syracuse #2 on the list with three selections… but i can understand the devendorf selection, he’d even be a higher seed in my bracket. Also… where is Jared Dudley???

  2. Ray Finkle says:

    While Morrison and Noah are eminently loathsome, this discussion begins and ends with Christian Laettner.

  3. Ron says:

    Jimmer Fredette or anyone from BYU should be on this list

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