Some Politician From Arizona is Hacksaw’s New Co-Host

“Lean forward and listen to” radio. Oh, how The Mighty 1090 has fallen. They passed on Kevin Acee and Jim Steeg for this clown? Good luck to this JG Wentworth JD Hayworth guy. I have never heard his voice, and know nothing about him, except what I read in the press release and his wiki page. Apparently, in 2010 John McCain kicked his ass in the Arizona Senate Primary. Fun. The internet has tons of pictures of him. Here are a few.

He is apparently no stranger to weight loss and tanning beds.

That’s an illustration that GQ Magazine used of him… not even kidding.

No clue what this Dracula thing is all about, but I laughed.

Good work 1090, I’m sure listeners are really gonna love some politician from Arizona swapping old man war stories with the biggest fraud in the history of San Diego radio. Today will go down as one of the greatest days in the history of The World of Sports with Chris Ello & Ben Higgins over at XTRASPORTS1360. Their ratings are gonna sky rocket.


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5 Responses to Some Politician From Arizona is Hacksaw’s New Co-Host

  1. Disgusting – are we SURE that John Lynch sold the station? Hayworth sounds like a total Papa Doug mouthpiece.

    Not that I was ever GOING to listen anyway. Ok, maybe I would have if it was Acee or, hell – ANYONE else they auditioned.

    But honestly as has been pointed out ad nauseum – this is a WAY bigger insult to Darren Smith. Shoulda been his time slot.

  2. hip hip jorge says:

    Hacksaw is always talking to his callers about how he will supply the coffee if you bring the donuts. By the looks of Hayworth, maybe that’s how he got the job, scarfing his share of the breakfast food. It all makes sense now.

  3. Alex says:

    You lose all your credibility regarding sports talk knowledge when you bash Hacksaw yet praise any content on that other garbage sports talk station which is amateur hour at best.

  4. Paul Mahan says:

    Please Google and You-tube my new partner “natgrantsinfomercial.”

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