Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton: Liar or Moron?

I’ve been silent for too long. This is going to be a long post, so bear with me, lobsters. Last night, after a few readers brought some things to my attention, I can no longer be silent. I’m fired up. But first, a little background…

I don’t know Paul Mahon personally. Yes, that’s Hacksaw’s real name. I do know, through the radio, through twitter, the character that he plays. This character drives me crazy. I can’t listen to him. I can’t stand him. Every few months, I actually force myself to listen to his 1090AM morning show for about 20 minutes, just to make sure that all the dislike I have for his schtick, his show, his everything… is still merited. It is. He’s an industry dinosaur that has become a caricature of himself.

I don’t know anybody that actually listens to the Hack’s show. I know they’re out there, or else there wouldn’t be a show, I just don’t know them. Ratings must show that people listen. The attempts from The Mighty 1090 management to hype the announcement of a co-host for his show have continually fallen flat. The only excitement that surrounded this hype was the prospect of Kevin Acee possibly becoming his co-host. I even showed my excitement with my amazing bitmap paint skills.

Alas, Ace and Hacksaw was not meant to be… as Acee tweeted out.

That’s Acee taking the high road. Bad move by 1090, now there’s zero chance I’ll ever listen to Mahon. (Jim Steeg as a co-host for Hack would’ve been interesting too, but I don’t think that was ever much of a reality) So, Acee and Steeg are out, and this must be great news for Chris Ello & Ben Higgins, a morning show that I do listen to, over at AM1360 – I have to imagine their ratings will continue to rise while the Hacksaw’s will continue to fall. Sure, they’ll be a spike whenever they finally announce a co-host, because folks will be curious… but once the hype settles down, the show will go back to its same ole, tired, “bleepin’ brilliant” schtick.

Aside: I hate so much that we have a sports radio station that gives Hacksaw a premium morning platform, and slides the Darren Smith Show into the mid-day 12-3PM slot. It’s a travesty. If 1090′s not going to have Darren in the slot he used to be in… for the afternoon drive, give him mornings. It’s insulting to 1090 listeners to have to listen to the Hack. If you’re not familiar with all the recent shake-ups at The Mighty 1090, I wrote about them here back when they happened.

Now, on to what’s really got me fired up. Twitter. Twitter and lies. Twitter and lies and idiocy. I love twitter. I know a lot of you lobsters don’t, but I do. It’s a great social media platform. However, if used poorly, it can be used to expose people… to expose liars, cheaters, adulterers, racists, morons… you name it. In Mahon’s case, there are documented cases at The Mighty 1090 where a radio host will accidentally leave their twitter account logged on and leave for the day. (Clearly an unfortunate oversight on their part.) Then, in the morning, the Hack will come in like a tweeting Tasmanian Devil and start firing off tweets about his show from someone else’s account.

This has happened at least twice to Darren Smith and at least once to Craig Elsten. Those are just the documented cases I know about. For those of you not on twitter… just imagine a co-worker getting a hold of your personal Facebook account or your cell phone, and then posting updates, pictures, messages, or texts… as if they were you. I don’t think the Hack does this intentionally, I just think he’s too old and dumb to have the wits about him to check to see if it’s actually his account he’s tweeting from. If you don’t know how to use twitter… don’t do it. It’s embarrassing. You’re supposed to be a professional, Mahon. Your tweets are an extension of your radio show, and if you don’t know what you’re doing… learn, or stop. It’s simple.

Last night, Paul Mahon went out of his way to go on a twitter rant attacking a “hater” on twitter that wasn’t even the actual person that “hated” on him. I’ve taken a bunch of screengrabs from twitter to illustrate this.

So, this guy, @PeterHarris1963, clearly likes to heckle the Hack.  (pay attention to that twitter name, because you’ll find that twitter handles actually matter and if there’s even one misplaced character, you’re now speaking to a completely different person) Well, these tweets really got Hacksaw fired up last night. (Now, in an attempt to make this post easier for the non-tweeting reader, some of these tweet screengrabs will be spliced together, and a little out of order, but their context remains in tact)

Awesome. @PeterHarris1963 just magically became @PeterHarris23! No tweets, no followers, no nothing… let’s get him, Mahon!

What’s this? A NEW Peter Harris!!?! Wooh-hooo! The Tasmanian Hacksaw strikes again! This new Peter doesn’t even exist. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the content of these tweets. Hacksaw is known for pre-recording interviews, and he always comes back to this Arthur Ashe interview as his defense for it. Let me be clear, I don’t give a crap if you pre-record some interviews because you wouldn’t be able to do them otherwise. What I do give a crap about… IS LYING TO YOUR LISTENERS BY NOT TELLING THEM IT’S PRE-RECORDED, YOU CLOWN.

So, after this rant to multiple Peters, Hacksaw put his foot down on twitter cowards.

I actually agree with Hack here, to a certain extent, that twitter gives courage to cowards. But this whole, “you can’t say anything about me unless you talk to me on air or email me privately” crap… is the biggest load of rubbish ever. I’ve got a blog, Mahon… I’m gonna use it. Go say whatever you want about me on air… I welcome it. What I don’t welcome, is you attacking someone on twitter that you’ve never spoken to. That’s right, folks… meet a new Peter Harris! If you’re keeping score at home… this is the FOURTH Peter.

Yes, you read that correctly. Mahon messed up on the twitter handle again, and invited all of his 3,400+ followers to attack some innocent dude from Canada that has never even heard of Mahon. That’s assault, brutha. Seriously, call it an “honest mistake” if you want… but I call it a loose freaking cannon that doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing that is putting The Mighty 1090 at risk for a harassment suit. What an idiot. Even if he didn’t put a space in there, between “@PeterHarris” and “23″, he’d have still gotten the handle wrong from the original @PeterHarris1963. Moron.

Oh, you thought I was done? Not even close. Immediately after the Tasmanian Hacksaw ripped into 4 different Peters… he asked his followers a question. “How many out of town-out of state followers do we have…Tweet us and let us know where you are?” That’s cool. I’m into that. Let’s check out the responses.

I spliced those together. That is every single locational response that Hacksaw got from his question prior to the response he gave that I’ll show you shortly. You see, Mahon, twitter isn’t like text messaging. You can’t just throw out blanket statements like, “an inside source texted me” that nobody can actually verify because it’s on your personal phone… no, twitter is public. We can actually see all the responses you got. That’s all of ‘em. So let’s see how Mahon responded.

Well, that’s funny, Mahon. I didn’t see any tweets from Newfoundland, Afghanistan, NY, Vermont, San Antonio, Eugene, or Montreal. I underlined the green responses that actually happened. Are you a grown-ass man just making up friends across the world that listen to your show? That’s really sad, actually. A “baseball fan” that used to listen to you on Sirus-XM? You freaking kidding me? (Now, I will say that it is technically possible that tons of people with a private twitter accounts that no one else can see tweeted Hack. Yeah, riiiight.) I’m not saying he doesn’t have listeners in all those places, maybe he does… I’m saying that all those people didn’t tweet that back to him. He’s lying, right? Unless he can provide some tweets that I magically missed, in which case I’ll gladly stand corrected. Turns out I wasn’t the only one that wanted to see these mystery tweets. In a very lovable, encouraging way, I saw that Craig Elsten asked a similar question.

Want to know Hacksaw’s response to Elsten’s question? *crickets* He didn’t say a damn thing. Speaks volumes, huh? A listener from Afghanistan? Why wouldn’t you retweet that? That’s an awesome tweet to receive. Uh, because it never happened. Interesting that Mahon didn’t even mention the guy from Iraq that actually DID tweet a response to him. Maybe this magical Mahon map can explain things for us?

That must be it. Hackganistan. One big magical place where people listen to the Hack.

It has to stop. All of it. Hacksaw is making a mockery of sports radio… of sports media as a whole. Mahon, you’re lying and deceiving your listeners and your followers. You should be ashamed of yourself. Quit making things up to make yourself look better. It’s pathetic.

I could go on, but I don’t have the energy. I’m spent. So, to answer the question asked in the headline, “Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton: Liar or Moron?” Easy. He’s both.


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63 Responses to Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton: Liar or Moron?

  1. Ray Finkle says:

    BP 1 Butterknife -4002. Well played.

  2. CT2SD says:

    Well done! Therapeutic?

  3. John Gennaro says:

    I, too, would like to see the garbage fire in the alley behind my house be put out before someone gets hurt.

  4. Costa says:

    Where can I buy a “Hackganistan” t-shirt?

  5. CT2SD says:

    And of course, right after I read your post, Darren’s show goes to break there’s a Hacksaw commercial. HE’S TROLLING ALL OF US!!!!

  6. Axion says:

    this is extremely my shit

  7. He’s a joke! A disgrace to sports radio ANYWHERE. You last 20 minutes listening? I can’t stand even ONE full segment.

    I have never never understood his stubborn refusal to disclose that an interview is taped. Every other show I have listened to in the last 25 years will tell you when they have to run a pre-taped discussion. It’s no big deal to the listener who completely understands scheduling issues. Just TELL US! It’s called honesty.

    But, of course, you wonder if that isn’t all part OF this character he has created, right? After all, the word “hack” is in his made up name and we all know that a “hack” is the polar opposite of an honest journalist ;-)

    Oh, and thanks Ray for reminding me of Butterknife! Rome can grate on my nerves too – but dayum when he lays into the ‘saw it is ALL Good & Glorious.

    • bp says:

      nothing to be ashamed of in taped interviews. sometimes they’re unavoidable… it’s the dishonestly about it that grinds me.

  8. Ryan says:

    I grew up listening to Hacksaw in the early nineties on 690. I think his old show was better but it’s kinda cool to hear his voice still on the air. Twitter isn’t my favorite communication tool but couldn’t Hacksaw have gotten messages from people via email, phone, or direct messages on twitter and then tweet about them? He probably talked about it on his show if he tweeted it. Personally, I didn’t know he had a twitter account so I guess I’ll start following him…

    I understand why some people are put off by Hacksaw’s old routine. But he does come up with his own ideas about what teams should or should not do, and sometimes they are pretty inventive and thoughtful. That is more than I can say for a lot of sports radio hosts. Anyway, to each there own. Haters gonna hate.

    • showman says:

      “To each their* own”

      - Hating Hater

    • bp says:

      haters gonna hate. haha. you sound defeated, man. wasn’t my intent. sure, there could’ve been emails, phone calls, DMs, etc… but he specifically said he was tweeted those locations. he wasn’t. that’s a lie.

  9. BigBaldMark says:

    GREAT stuff!

  10. AJM says:


    Brady is ENRAGED! Sad.

  11. Steve says:


    Interesting piece about Hacksaw, good read, funny, a little dramatic and in some ways a little whiney. I’m a new reader of lob shots, I follow you on twitter, and generally I like what you do. I also appreciate your passion for good sports talk radio; as a fellow sports radio junkie, I can understand how certain personalities or programming decisions can get under your skin. That’s kind of the new wave of sports talk radio though, constantly changing, trying new things, bringing old favorites back, and mostly to the chagrin of the regular listeners who appreciate the consistency and bond that they’ve built with their station.

    All that said, I think you can do better than attack an older radio hosts who trying to make it in a new world of radio and social media. In fact it’s almost so bad that it seems like you’re trolling and hoping to get something out of this. It’s like talking crap about your Grandpa for not understanding how to use text messaging. We all know he barely understands it, but you just deal with it because it’s your grandpa. The only one who looks foolish is the guy calling him out for it.

    I’m not going stop reading your blog, or unfollow you on twitter, I just hope that maybe you’ll stop writing about meaningless stuff like this and apply your talents to real stories involving sports in the SD area. You’re a good writer, I wish you and blog tons of success in the future.

    • bp says:

      I love this comment. I don’t say that in a condescending way at all. “a little dramatic… whiney” that made me smile. no joke.

      “It’s like talking crap about your Grandpa for not understanding how to use text messaging.” – that also made me smile.

      “The only one who looks foolish is the guy calling him out for it.” – you have now called me a fool.

      “I just hope that maybe you’ll stop writing about meaningless stuff like this and apply your talents to real stories involving sports in the SD area. You’re a good writer, I wish you and blog tons of success in the future.” – and we’ve come full circle. I’m a talented fool.

      Great comments. You’ve got an opinion just like I do. I don’t view this post as meaningless. San Diego deserves better radio. This isn’t about picking on the old innocent guy who can’t tie his own shoes. Hacksaw is a liar. Not just in the examples I gave, but in general. He lies a lot. Sure, we all lie from time to time, but he does it on air to anybody listening to try to build himself up. He’s not innocent in this… he’s manipulative.

      I appreciate that you won’t unfollow me or stop reading… but man, this isn’t meaningless stuff… this is the stuff that thousands of people are thinking but don’t have a platform to say it. I do. So I did.

      Appreciate the comment… even though you called me a fool.

      • Axion says:

        meaningless is defending a radio troll who claims to be bleeping brilliant while not understanding a medium that tween girls do. cats and dogs tweet better than this “genius”

      • Ryan says:

        Dude its called showmanship. Seriously who cares if he messes up some minor details that don’t matter or doesn’t waste air time explaining that his interviews are taped. He’s old school. Get over it. I thought the parent comment was being a lot more fair to your post than you have been to Hacksaw. Take a cue from Big Daddy Drew if your gonna complain… Make it funnier (Hackghanistan made me chuckle but that was it) and admit that you might be acting like kinda a weirdo about it.

        When you throw around strong words like “liar” and “moron” and show no sense of humor or empathy for the person you are criticizing, who happens to have accomplished more than you in the sports media world (and that is kinda sad cause we are only talking about Hacksaw here not some rich smug asshat like Peter King), you just come off as a dick who envies his audience.

        Just my $0.02…

  12. Greanthumb says:

    Obsess much?? Hahaha.

    He’s annoying and ridiculous….. And????? I would think u would be used to his walrus beak-squawking by now.

  13. Ryan.Heidrich says:


  14. Brian says:

    You sound like a hater because he has a show that you dont. If you honestly think his show is worst than Scott and BR you are crazy. They dont even talk about sports. Sure Hacksaw does things a bit different, but he talks sports and all sports. I love hockey and he and Coach are the only ones that talk it in SD. Maybe you should do a “report” like this on the Scott and BR clown show and let us know what percentage of that show they even talk sports because I refuse to listen to their garbage and I now listen to Costa and Judson on 1360 instead. They are a much better show than the clowns. Though I dont like your opinion on this particular subject, I do overall enjoy the work you do.

    • bp says:

      Couple things. I guess I’ll wear the “hater” badge that has been thrown at me a few times now over twitter with honor. Where did I even mention Scott and BR in this article? This has nothing to do with them.

      I, too, love Costa and Judson, and thanks for enjoying the work I do when it doesn’t involve ‘hating’ Hacksaw. Appreciate the comment.

  15. Johnny says:

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    I really enjoy your blog. Entertaining, local sports news. I check out your blog every day.
    I really enjoy Hacksaw. Entertaining, local sports news. I check out his podcasts every day.

    You and Hacksaw have Style. Neither of you should ever change.

  16. Rydazzle says:

    Comments section *almost* as good as the post.

  17. hip hip jorge says:

    Hey bp, you need to get a life! Your obsession of hating Hacksaw is as bad as his show. Just like when Scott Kaplan was fired, your posts were overwhelming. The 200 comments you took time to read and count were for nothing, as Scott is back on the air. The same will happen with this Hayworth hiring, by summertime, all will be forgotten. Again, get a life. You’re kinda stalking Hacksaw by means of the social network.

  18. hip hip jorge says:

    Where is that jackass bp?? I think your preaching days via social networking are over. Ever hear of defamation of character lawsuit?? GO ‘SAW’.

    • bp says:

      hey! jackass here.
      bracing for my defamation of character lawsuit.
      i hear those lawsuits happen frequently to people that tell the truth based on facts. i’m pretty worried. GO ‘SAW’.

  19. hip hip jorge says:

    Jackass, Hacksaw has a good case if he were to follow up, but I’m sure his side won’t. Now, he has a better case on your stalking efforts. Keep it up, cos I may take the case. We’re working on something at the moment. That little picture of you will be red faced soon.

    • Smacdown says:

      HHJ –

      I assume by “working on something” you’re intimating that you are preparing 1) a defamation case, 2) some sort of cyber-stalking case, or 3) a combination of the two.

      Since you are currently working on something, I’m sure you understand the elements of each cause of action you’ll need to prove. For example, for your defamation case, I’m assuming you’re going to threaten some sort of defamation per se (as opposed to defemation per quod) due to your assumption that Lobshots’ blog posts were injurious to Mr. Mahan’s reputation in his trade. And that’s a great thought because for a public figure such as Mr. Mahan, you don’t even need to prove actual damages! You can get assumed and punitive damages even if Mr. Mahan wasn’t harmed!

      There is one teeny little problem. Ok, 3 problems –
      1) The statements in the Lobshots blog post must be false. Without actually going into Mr. Mahan’s twitter timeline (because, quite frankly, I would rather push thumbtacks into my eyes), I’m going to guess that what’s posted above is the truth.
      2) The defamatory statements must be fact instead of opinion. Sooo…taking out the statements in the article that are easily able to be proven as fact, you now have to figure out whether the remaining statements are fact, or opinion. Taking the picture at the head of the article, if Mr. Mahan wants to admit that he is a buffoon, then it would be a fact. If Mr. Mahan refused to admit he’s a buffoon, then it’s the opinion of Lobshots. So you have quite a conundrum.
      3) Try getting past the inevitable Anti-SLAPP motion that Lobshots will file once you decide to file the suit. Anti-SLAPP is boring so I won’t talk any more about it.

      Oh, and as far as your threat that the “stalking efforts” present a better case, I have a hard time believing that Mr. Mahan “reasonably feared for [his] safety, or the safety of an immediate family member.” (from a quick web search on stalking – California Civil Code 1708.7)

      Keep on keepin’ on HHJ.

      • bp says:

        Smacdown bringing the heat! This comment section is quickly becoming my favorite in Lobshots’ history. Lobsters make the world go ’round.

  20. hip hip jorge says:

    Wow, someone’s ass is as tight as a drum. You must be Jackass’ father, you sound soooooo adult and grown-up. You sure use the word assume a lot. In the legal profession, you assume NOTHING. You idiots using the social network have a lot of learning to do.

  21. Bryan says:

    I’m not as annoyed by Hacksaw as you are. Just about all of his interviews are taped. I (personally speaking) don’t need to hear that before or after every one, but I can see thinking that you’d prefer he did, I have no problem with that. I do get tired of the schtick, I only listen about once a week although I do sometimes listen to the “best 15 minutes” and then go to a podcast. Best in small doses, I guess I’m being nice.

    Point I’d like to make is that THIS IS WHAT SPORTS RADIO DOES TO PEOPLE… lol. The reason he’s worse than all the others is because he’s been doing it longer than the others.

    I’ll assume you read this: http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/8337825/catching-sports-talk-radio-host-nanci-donnellan-fabulous-sports-babe

    I can’t think of a single sports radio personality this hasn’t happened to. They all shill relentlessly and they all become more and more bound by the schtick of who they are on the radio, whether it’s Costa laughing helplessly at everything anyone says because he was on a morning show, or Darren refusing to take calls or refusing to cop to being knowledgeable about anything, or BR supporting Scott no matter how lame and reckless that little twat is… they all do it, and they can’t help it.

  22. Doc Brass says:

    I’ll save all of you – bp and commenters, alike – a lot of time, energy and angst. Here’s the problem with San Diego sports-talk radio in a nutshell: it ALL sucks. ALL of it.

    Whether we’re talking about XX 1090 or XTRA Sports 1360, the local – ahem – “talent” on the air couldn’t hope to currently crack the lineup at a station in a market like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, or Boston. They simply couldn’t. Yet, somehow, they’ve all managed to secure gainful broadcast industry employment in San Diego.

    XX 1090 seems the more egregious of the two offenders here in San Diego because more of their daily lineup is filled by local – ahem… cough… ahemhemhem… sorry, something stuck in my throat – “talent”.

    Calling Lee Hamilton a “dinosaur” is an insult to every extinct reptilian species that ever trod the soil of our planet. Hacksaw’s shtick was tired the very first time he trotted it out on the air in a market like Utica, New York. The guy isn’t so much a veteran radio broadcaster as he is a painfully unfunny caricature of how comedic actor Fred Willard would portray a veteran radio broadcaster in a Christopher Guest film.

    I’m convinced that Scott Kaplan and Billy Ray Smith are the result of a top-secret government project that sought to artificially create life in a laboratory environment. Unfortunately for San Diego sports-talk radio audiences, said genetic material was apparently salvaged from crusty tube-socks found in an SDSU frat-house, the sticky floors of shadowy corners in Gaslamp meat-markets, and the gorilla enclosure at the San Diego Zoo. Kaplan comes across as the smarmiest, sleaziest, skeeviest jock-sniffing/celeb-stalking gossip-monger on the face of the planet and Bill Ray’s cranial physiognomy and braying squawk-laugh call to mind the offspring of a Neanderthal and Lloyd Christmas. For the life of me, I can’t decide whether they’re trying to do a version of mid-to-late-’90s “guy-talk” radio, or a low-rent, radio knock-off of TMZ?

    Jon Kentera’s sincere passion for sports and love for talking about them are abundantly clear. Still, the same could be said for a lot of guys perched on a stool at the local watering-hole. That doesn’t mean they’re qualified to host a nightly radio show. There is no way in Hell that “The Coach” should be holding down a professional sports broadcasting gig on a 50,000-watt radio station in the nation’s 17th-largest Arbitron market. Quite frankly, he’d be lucky to secure a regular time-slot on a community-access television station in a lot of cities around the country. Look, as my aversion to Scott Kaplan should tell you, I’m not necessarily a fan of “slick” for the sake of “slick” when it comes to broadcasting. That said, there has to be some sort of polish to a professional broadcaster… and “Coach” Kentera isn’t close to possessing professional polish.

    Finally, there’s Darren Smith. I’m going to take the most time to analyze Darren’s contribution to San Diego sports-talk radio. Why? Because, in may ways, he’s the biggest letdown of the bunch. Allow me to explain.

    Darren Smith is the xx 1090 host that so may listeners in the market seem to be quick to shower with praise. Frankly, the only reason that Darren earns the praise he does is because all of the other hosts around him in the San Diego sports-radio marketplace are so damned awful.

    There’s nothing overtly offensive about Darren. He’s not as bombastically self-parodying as Hacksaw. He’s not “all flash, no substance” like Scott, or brainless, guffawing sidekick like BR. He doesn’t come across as an out-and-out amateur like “The Coach”. No, rather, Darren’s just… there. Filling in his three hours a day in as “vanilla” a manner as he can.

    One gets the sense that Darren Smith is only too aware that by playing it close-to-the-vest… not taking too many chances… not pushing-the-envelope in any way, shape, or form… he flies along below the radar of his Broadcast Company of the Americas employers. As such, he holds onto his job at a sports-talk radio station in an absolutely gorgeous corner of America. What’s not to like, right?

    Hell, even his time-slot is perfect! Does anybody get the sense that Darren was really all that miffed about losing his afternoon drive-time slot? I don’t. I mean, if he felt it was an affront to him and his talent, he certainly kept it well-hidden. Frankly, I get the sense that Darren’s take is that Noon-to-3:00 PM means he doesn’t have to be into the office too early, he doesn’t have to stay too late. His mornings are his… his evenings are his.

    Honestly, I get the sense from Darren’s laissez-faire on-air demeanor and the “paint-by-numbers” structure of his show that he’s just “punching-the-clock”. He strikes me as being a guy who came out of college thinking that he wanted to work in sports broadcasting, did just enough work for just long enough to land an on-air gig in San Diego, and is now willing to do just enough work to hold onto said gig. No more, no less. Period.

    I mean, look at his bio on the station website. It says, and I quote, “Darren Smith began at The Mighty 1090 when the station first launched in March of 2003 and has survived several station name changes and time slots”. Well, there’s something to aspire to, huh? He “has survived several station name changes and time slots”. “Survived”. Way to shoot for the stars, Darren.

    And why has Darren Smith “survived” in San Diego sports-talk radio? Because, in the land of the piss-poor sports-talk hosts, the mediocre broadcaster is king. That’s what we have to look forward to in San Diego gang: a sports-talk radio landscape where the best of the bunch is a milquetoast mediocrity.

  23. Bryan says:

    If it was my radio station (1090) I would do the following.

    1) Fire Scott again. Let Billy Ray walk if he wants. If not, pair him with coach in the evenings. Coach may not be polished, but San Diegans (San Diegoans?) love him. And we need SOMEBODY to talk about high school sports, and pay and/or beg friends to “call and talk Sockers” right?

    2) Set up a small studio in Hacksaw’s home, let him do the “Best 15 minutes” during the major hour turns, and make him come in once a week so he doesn’t go completely crazy. But he’s not a social guy. Stop making him do cross talk, at the very least. God damn.

    3) Come up with a new talk show for the mornings, honestly if you’re talking locally I’d take Ben Higgins – even if he came with Chris I suppose… But just refuse to let Chris do his pre-commercial “teases” and stupid lists. He’d go crazy, but eventually he’d get over it. This guy likes teasing more than a pinup model.

    Go to Rome at 9, let Darren continue to fester away for eternity at Noon, and find someone new and fresh for the drive home time slot. Who knows who the hell it’d be, but someone different.

  24. hip hip jorge says:

    Crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. Cha-ching. Cha-ching.

  25. hip hip jorge says:

    Just thinking out loud. I wonder how much this web site costs? Let’s see, 4+4 is 8 and carry the 2, 3 gazinta 9 3 times and carry the 7. Wow.$$$$$$$$$.

  26. PK says:

    Ah, 1090 sports radio. Hacksaw in the morning. If THAT doesn’t get you out of bed to hit snooze, nothing will. Although the personality and sensationalism are hard to stomach, the guy does homework and clearly puts in research time that we get to hear on air.

    Rome is syndicated, and an old personality, but his act is a bit tired too. He’s not young and hip anymore, so he should work to mature a bit. I like the candor of his interviews when he interviews a guest that he respects, but his show is too much improv.

    Darren Smith is lazy and dull. He is the anti-saw, so I can see why many like him. I cannot tell you how many times he simply does not know basic facts like game start times, or opponents, or player names. Do at least SOME research please bub. When I listen, it sounds like many ideas he throws out are the result of his use of social media (twitter in particular). It is a good use of an expanding media, but it punctuates his lack of preparation to craft. His delivery is so dull, I often find little interest in what he is talking about. I don’t feel any passion from him about anything. He sounds content. That sounds boring.

    Scott and BR. I cannot believe they are back and that they are on drive time is unfathomable to me. Scott has no impulse control, and less class. BR is the only man on radio that does less prep than Darren. He’s a local celebrity for his above average NFL career and he personifies the good-ol-southern-boy. He laughs at his friend a lot and makes juvenile and sophomoric remarks occasionally. Other than name, he brings nothing to the air waves whatsoever.

    Kentera. He’s a bit of a Gomer, but he is passionate, respectful, and knowledgeable of the local scene like no other. He puts in effort and does not offend. He’s not going to go national and I don’t think he would ever want to.

    The cast of characters have all been around quite a while. Because I want sports information, I listen to all of them, but if any were replaced, I’d miss none of them (other than maybe Kentera’s local info). I personally listen to ESPN 1700 more often, but at times I want the local perspective, so I wade through the muck to find what I hope for in 1090. If you know what you’ll get and you go in anyway, then you cannot blame the station. YOU turned the dial.

  27. sid says:

    Hacksaw is a Super Hero! He is “Beeping Brilliant”! I worship the Saw!

    & he is not a Racist!!!!!!!!!

  28. sid says:

    HackSaw is a Super Hero! The Saw is “Bleeping Brilliant”!

  29. sid says:

    I love that Guy!

  30. Lee Nelson says:

    I don’t know who wrote this article about about Hacksaw, but he is right, why didn’t you go on his show and debate him you pussy! You love Twitter and social media, yeah, that is exactly what pussies like you do. You can’t sack-up and face someone man to man, so you post messages on twitter or facebook so all your fellow sackless followers read it. Yeah, Hacksaw might be a dinosaur, blah, blah, but at least he has the balls to call you out, and apparently you don’t have the balls to face him. Yeah, he may be out of a job, but at least he doesn’t hide behind all these social media sites and blast people. So why don’t you grow a pair and leave all the social media sites to the women and grow a freakin’ pair!!!

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