The Thrill of Victory, and The Agony of Defeat…

What’s that feel like? To crossover your opponent so hard that you sit them on their ass, only to get your open layup blocked by a giant. That’s Elijah Johnson crossing over Marcus Smart, and that’s Michael Cobbins who came over to save the day…managing to not get called for goal tending. In other notable moments from the OKST vs. KU boobs game.

An awesome sign… and an awesome little shuffle from Bill Self.

Now dip, baby, dip… c’mon now… dip, baby, dip.

Oh, Kansas won 68-67 in double overtime.


[gifs/grabs via @cfbsection, TheBigLead]

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One Response to The Thrill of Victory, and The Agony of Defeat…

  1. Bob says:

    Self doing his best Norman Dale impression.

    “Bend your knee’s, get your butt down. Left hand up, right hand down”

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