Kareem Vader and Katherine Webb? Well, Alright…

The internet is a weird place, folks. Apparently, Katherine Webb and Kareem are on some new reality show called Celebrity Diving? Sounds ridiculous. Here are a few of the other characters.

Aside from Lew Alcindor and Miss AJ McCarron, I only recognize Louie Anderson, and that Clairemont High School alum, Kendra. The pride of San Diego.

That’ll make a splash, alright. Really weird to see Kareem subjected to the ridiculous, no?


[all images via twitter]

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2 Responses to Kareem Vader and Katherine Webb? Well, Alright…

  1. Bull Benn says:

    That girl on the left used to be Nicole Eggert from Baywatch and Charles in Charge… emphasis on “used to be.” http://bit.ly/WMjgyU and http://bit.ly/WMjypD

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