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The Padres Had an Archery Competition at Spring Training

Is this normal? The Padres had an archery competition this morning using a high powered composite bow and arrow to blast fake deer, coyotes, and turkeys. Allow me to break it down. Is this normal? Do teams do this? I … Continue reading

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Reggie Miller is a Wee Lil Man…

Question: What makes you look like you’re a 4 foot tall, 7 year old when you’re actually a 6 foot 7 inch, 47 year old? Answer: Shaq’s jacket. -bp [via]

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Does FLAVA FLAV Play Hoops for the New Mexico Lobos?

Am I a little bitter about the UNM win over the Aztecs last night? Maybe. But you can’t say that Tony Snell isn’t Flava Flav’s doppelganger. He’s identical. -bp [lobbed by Dave Rich, comedian extraordinaire]

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The San Diego Padres are Embracing Our Beach Community… Petco Park is a Giant Pile of Sand Right Now

That’s Petco Park… right now. The head Padres groundskeeper is a great follow on twitter, @Luke_Yoder. It’s not the first time I’ve written about awesome behind the scenes stuff at Petco Park. Luke’s been sharing photos of the sand pit … Continue reading

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Wearing a T-Shirt With Your Own Face On It? Power Move.

It’s come to my attention that some of you haven’t seen this photo of Mike Woodson rocking a tee with his own face on it…. so here’s Mike Woodson rocking a tee with his own face on it. -bp [via]

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Oh Hey, Alex Smith is on the Chiefs Now…

Alex Smith got traded to the the Chiefs. So, naturally, I took a 2008 photo of Damon Huard, no. 11 on the Chiefs… and a current photo of Alex Smith’s lopsided helmet face, and awkwardly slapped it on Huard’s body … Continue reading

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Oh Topps, What a Silly Thing To Do To Pablo Sandoval’s Hair

That’s┬áPablo Sandoval’s Topps 2013 Heritage baseball card. I love baseball cards. I mostly* collect vintage cards, but some newer ones too. I have tobacco cards from the late 1800′s and Mike Trout cards from 2012. Decent range. I’m a card … Continue reading

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No Big Deal, Just Some Dude Catching The Spawn of Satan With a Bow and Arrow in New Jersey

Yeah. That’s real, supposedly. Some dude posted it on Reddit. If you don’t buy into my whole “spawn of satan” theory… it’s a sea lamprey. The NY Daily News reports that a guy was fishing, “when he spotted a massive … Continue reading

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And Yet, It’s America That Has an Obesity Problem…

No ketchup? What the hell? -bp [via]

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I Love Rich Eisen as Much as I Hate Leon Sandcastle…

Best part of the combine every year… Eisen’s 40-yard dash. Sadly, this year it was ruined by the NFL Network’s pathetic attempt at a marketing campaign. Dealing with Deion on a year-round basis is difficult enough, don’t make us suffer … Continue reading

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