Paulina Gretzky is Here in San Diego and She’s Signing Autographs

She’s herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre! I’d been asking twitter all week if Paulina Gretzky was going to be in town to watch Dustin Johnson play at the Farmer’s here at Torrey Pines… and yes, I was right. The guy who posted that photo¬†wrote, “Great meeting @pmgypsy today!! Your too sweet! Thanks for the autograph!” Grammar aside, that’s cool that she took the time to sign autographs for randoms on the golf course.

Looks like dudes on the course weren’t the only ones creepin’ on Paulina… nice work, Golf Channel. Best part? Apparently, the Golf Channel guys had her on for 10 seconds and had no clue who she was. Here’s the really random thing… of all the smoking hot photos that Paulina Gretzky takes of herself on posts on Instagram, it looks like she just grabbed a screenshot from the Golf Channel and posted it herself. Bizarre. Looks like Paulina needs a friend.

A proposition, dinner and beers are on me for you and 3 of your buddies if you get a photo with Paulina today at the course holding a Lobshots sign… because who are we kidding? We know she’s a faithful reader. Good luck, lobsters.

Oh, and in others sports news… it’s daddy Wayne’s birthday today.



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