Woah, Danny Espinosa Now Has a Huge Beard. Who Cares, Check Out His Girl!

You might not recognize him, but that’s Danny Espinosa, second baseman on the Washington Nationals. Since I know you, like me, were staring at that gorgeous woman next to him and not at Espinosa’s beard…I ask you this: That… who the hell… is that?

Well, lemme tell you. That’s Sarah Mosher. I was her 57th follower on twitter, (@SarahBethMosher). I gotta feeling that number is about to sky rocket. Anyway, it would appear that she is the girlfriend of young Daniel (I don’t think he’s married.)

Since I know you still haven’t seen his beard, here’s a before and after for you without the lovely Sarah in the photo…you know, so you can focus.


[h/t Dan & Jack]

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4 Responses to Woah, Danny Espinosa Now Has a Huge Beard. Who Cares, Check Out His Girl!

  1. Bull Benn says:

    So you’re telling me that there’s a dude in those first two pictures? Get outta town.

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  4. Wow major difference some facial hair can make, good for him, doesnt seem it bothers his girl!

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