What’s New Chargers GM Tom Telesco Looking for in a Head Coach?

There’s a Q &A with Tom Telesco on Chargers.com. There was only one answer that I want to highlight. Something that stuck out to me…

Question: What qualities are you looking for in a head coach as you try to fill that spot?

Telesco: You want a leader, number one.  And with our philosophy we have to look at the draft and get some young talent on this team.  We really want a teacher; a head coach that can not only teach the players but teach his assistant coaches what he wants.  That’s going to be a big key.  We want a teacher.  We want a good communicator.  I deal with the head coach every day.  And he deals with the staff every day.  We want to have clear communication of what he’s looking for so we can find it.  And we want a motivator.  We want someone that can motivate the players, because if it’s not a lot different in the talent level (between two teams), maybe the coach, more motivated, push you over the top.

A leader. A teacher. A communicator. A motivator. That’s what I’m talking about.

I love that. Love it. Norval had… what, maybe two of those? Maybe?


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6 Responses to What’s New Chargers GM Tom Telesco Looking for in a Head Coach?

  1. jonesy says:

    So far its all lip service. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Ryan says:

      Intelligent lip service is something we’ve not had in years. I’m pumped for someone who can think and talk.

      • jonesy says:

        Its not hard to sound intelligent, especially when spouting axioms about “teachers” and “leaders”.

        Everything he said up there is a no-fuckin-brainer.

  2. Norm Lunginbill says:

    Spanos should have made getting his professional engineer’s license a term of the contract. So then we could all call him Tom Telescope.

  3. Dou says:

    Norval had two of those? Try zero. Norval gets half a point for creative play-calling with HoF talent (how much do you miss LT to Gates in the back corner of the end zone?) and half a point for being liked by players (probably because there was zero player-to-coach accountability).

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