Petco Park Fences Are Coming Along Nicely…

Wow… that’s a significant move*. It’s funny, you hear the numbers on the fences at Petco being moved in, but really… none of that means crap until you see it with your own crazy eyes… then it becomes real. It’s science.

I did some quick math**, and based on Chase Headley’s 2012 numbers… if projected out, he’s going to hit 158 home runs at Petco in 2013. NL MVP. You heard it here first.

UPDATE: Here’s another photo b/c I immediately got one billion questions about the fence placement when I put up this post.

Photo and tweet via Tom Garfinkel: “The black fence is the construction fence… The concrete fence represents where the new wall will be..


[via, h/t Mickey]

* The black wall is the construction fence, not where the real fence will be (that would make it a Little League field)… I believe the new fence is near all the trucks gathered by the dirt pile. (I think)

** I did no math.

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4 Responses to Petco Park Fences Are Coming Along Nicely…

  1. Bull Benn says:

    ** I did the math.

    You’re not that far off. According to my calculations Headley will hit 161.2933333 (3s repeating, of course) home runs. How much long till Spring?

  2. jonesy says:

    Padres need moveable fences. They are the only ones who cant hit it out. Bottom of every inning, move em in 30′. Call it a home field advantage.

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