Antonio Cromartie & Philip Rivers Have a Pre-Game Chat


At first I was just going to tweet this photo, but there’s no way that 140 characters could do it justice. Hardwick has got to be thinking what I’m thinking… “What in the HELL could Philip Rivers and Antonio Cromartie possibly be talking about?” Aside from being on the same team, they have to have less in common than any two people on the planet. Mind blowing.

Also, P. Riv is going with the face mask visor, the gloves, and the LL Cool J pants look. I believe this is the first time a quarterback in the history of the NFL has ever pulled off such a look.

Go Bolts?


[photo via KC Alfred]

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2 Responses to Antonio Cromartie & Philip Rivers Have a Pre-Game Chat

  1. Chris says:

    Only connection I can see there is, child care?

    9-Seat mini-van price comparison?

    Where to buy a dozen stockings to hang in front of the chimney?

    Get it?!?! (they have lots of kids…)

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