SDSU vs. BYU in the Poinsettia Bowl Tonight!

BYU fans are the best. My prediction for the game is 78-0, SDSU wins. Fingers crossed.

If you’re out at the Q, snap some photos… send ‘em my way. We’ll post em.


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6 Responses to SDSU vs. BYU in the Poinsettia Bowl Tonight!

  1. You are the master of Microsoft Paint, my friend.

  2. Dane says:

    No way your putting up 78 points. Not when BYU gives up the 5th fewest points of any D1 team.

    I predict an epic day for BYU. A bowl game win and a commitment from Jabari Parker.

  3. jonesy says:

    Do you think those girls are sisters AND have the same husband?

    Too soon?

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