Is The Mighty 1090AM Buying Twitter Followers?

Hi. Umm….I’m John. You might know me, you might not. It’s probably not important for you to know me. What is important is that BP knows me, and from time to time we chat about things. Yesterday, he mentioned that it appeared something fishy was going on with the @mighty1090 Twitter account. He wasn’t sure, so I decided to investigate a bit.

[editor’s note: BP here, I want to make it clear that I don’t have any beef with anybody over at 1090AM, other than Hacksaw, who should’ve been fired decades ago. However, what you’re about to read is rather damning evidence against a station going through a major re-branding process as “San Diego’s Sports Leader.”]

TWELVE THOUSAND FOLLOWERS in a matter of days with 3 tweets and just 2 follows. One of those tweets got a whole 4 retweets. Unless @Mighty1090 is Justin Bieber, that just doesn’t seem possible. I wonder who they’re following?


Hmm. That’s odd. You’d think they’d also be following Hacksaw, Marty, Darren, Coach, etc. Maybe their 3 tweets will give us some more clues about who is running this wildly successful twitter account.


Scott and BR are back. There’s a new website with Scott’s backstage videos (I don’t even want to know…). Scott and BR are having an event. I’m starting to sense a pattern here.

I noticed something else weird. Despite the fact that XX1090 is now Mighty 1090, as BP documented with their shaky start, the old @XX1090 twitter account still exists (and @Mighty1090 doesn’t follow it).

See? That’s more normal. Lots of tweets, not an insane amount of followers, and very few tweets hyping up the Scott and BR Show. That is not suspicious. The fact that there’s an @XX1090 account without there actually being a “XX1090″ anymore is a little suspicious, but besides that, it’s fine.

So, what happened here? Well, the answer is found by digging through the 12,000 or so followers of the @Mighty1090 Twitter account.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems a little odd that a bunch of Twitter accounts with usernames that start with “Tracee”, “Tracey”, “Traci” and “Tracie” would all follow the @Mighty1090 account in rapid succession…..unless there was a tweet about women named Tracey (which is the correct spelling, by the way), and I don’t see that anywhere. Also, read some of those bios. Those seem very fake. Is the @Mighty1090 account buying fake followers? Let’s keep looking…

A whole bunch of accounts with gibberish usernames and no bio? Okay, I’m ready….


YouTube Preview Image

HEY, EVERYONE! THIS GUY’S A GREAT BIG PHONY! The @Mighty1090 account is buying fake followers to make their numbers look good.

I need more proof, you say? Well, let me introduce you to Status People and their Fakers tool. This tool is meant to identify fake (and inactive) accounts to see how much of your Twitter audience is actually, you know, real and alive. First, a couple of examples.

@BFTB_Chargers is the account that I run for We write about the San Diego Chargers, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Hmmm, the @Chargers score isn’t that great. Under 40% Good Followers probably means that you’re doing something wrong, but they also don’t have a ton of fake accounts. Good enough, I suppose.

10% Fake for the “old” account for 1090. Not exactly BFTB territory (*straightening tie*), but not too shabby. Seems like you’re going to get some fake followers no matter what you do, but the percentage usually indicates if your followers came organically or if they were purchased.

I wonder how some of our favorite 1090AM personalities do with fake followers?


Darren Smith almost exactly matches the numbers for @XX1090′s Twitter account. That figures.


Yup, that checks out. Now, let’s get to the million dollar question. How does @LobShots check out? That’s only fair since I’m here on this site dissecting everybody else’s twitter account. Also, I guess we can see how this new suspicious @Mighty1090 account looks too. That is what I came here for, right? To investigate?


WOOF. 88% Fake? 6% Good?

Look, LobShots deserves to be commended for one of the coolest rises I’ve ever seen on Twitter. BP took no prisoners and no shortcuts to get where he is on Twitter, and he doesn’t seem like he’s slowing down. The fact that he has 3.3K followers and @Mighty1090 has 12K is insulting. It’s cheating. It makes BP (and myself, and Marty and Darren) look bad.

The fact that the person running the account has only used it as a promotional tool for Scott and BR is a slap in the face to the rest of the talent at 1090AM. It leads me to believe that it’s Scott, BR, or someone else associated with the show running the account. Let me state that again. Scott Kaplan, Billy Ray Smith, or someone else associated with their show that was taken off the air 10 months ago before being brought back last week is running the twitter account for the entire station and ignoring the rest of the shows/talent on that station.

I’m not one to take Twitter too seriously. It’s a place I go to mostly vent and tell jokes. That being said, whatever games 1090AM is playing with this new account are shameful and potentially dangerous to the future of the station. Maybe somebody should look into that.


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32 Responses to Is The Mighty 1090AM Buying Twitter Followers?

  1. Jim says:

    Great story. Never expected to see such a level of investigative journalism from Lob Shots! 1090 is a mess right now. This is hilarious. Also heard Scott K say yesterday that he wanted all callers to identify themselves by their Twitter handles. Thought that was a little weird.

  2. Oh geez….ask me how shocked I am that the Great Friends are scamming…go on……

  3. showman says:

    Boom. Roasted.

    You may have a calling as an investigatory jounalist, no matter how many friends you leave behind dead and bloodied and dying.

  4. I suspected as much when I first saw that account. Unfollowing now.

  5. SDPads1 says:

    Common sense says that @XX1090 could have easily just switched their Username under Settings to @Mighty1090, assuming that it wasn’t already taken. Seeing the 3 Tweets from @Mighty1090 leads me to believe that it wasn’t taken until recently. Therefore @XX1090 could have kept ALL of their followers without “buying” anything.

    Further more @XX1090 is still posting stuff from their account in regards to station news. Their account is also connected to their Facebook page. Why hasn’t the Facebook account been connected to the “new” account yet? If their Social Media person is too dumb to understand that the Username can be changed, then why didn’t they just create the new Username and post a message on their old name saying “Follow us at our new Username”?

    @XX1090 has 4,138 followers and the other sports station in San Diego @XTRA1360 has 3, 768 followers. So they already have more followers than their main competition. What do they have to gain by “buying” followers?

    • John Gennaro says:

      Actually, the @Mighty1090 account is over a year old. Not sure what the point of buying it a year ago was, but whoever did was pretty smart. They were also pretty dumb because, you know, the whole “buying followers” thing.

      • John Gennaro says:

        Not “buying” it a year ago. “Registering” it. I wish there was a way to edit comments……

        • Doesn’t matter now. The REAL Mighty 1090 has taken over that account.

          I’m just going to blame Scott & BR and Hacksaw for all this.

        • Richard Wade says:

          There’s something extra funny about an SBN contributor complaining about not being able to edit comments on someone else’s site.

        • SDPads1 says:

          Just because it was registered a year ago doesn’t mean it has always been the same Username. I didn’t get a “Jump to Conclusions” mat this year and being that everything else on the internet lately is completely fake (Eagle baby) I assumed all along that was a fake account and had no affiliation to 1090.

          But after the quick change it almost seems like the Social Media manager was browsing these comments, saw my post and said “Oh crap! You can go to settings and change a Username?!” and did exactly that. So who knows the truth anymore

    • david says:

      SDPADS1 You start with common sense says: well that would be something you have none of. what part of “Fake” don’t you get?
      even with the @XX1090 (4,138) followers being transferred to the new @Mighty1090 how could they possibly now have 12,096??? HOW I ask How , could they have possible “Tripled” the amount of followers in 2 days and 3 tweets ?…. Common Sense is something you lack…

  6. Russ Gilbert says:

    Hi John,

    My name is Russ Gilbert, I’m a consultant recently brought in by Mighty 1090’s owners to assist with their digital efforts in 2013. I generally work behind the scenes here but it seemed appropriate for me to be the one to respond to your article.

    First and foremost – while your observations regarding the rather sad state of @mighty1090’s followers are absolutely correct, you seem to have jumped to a couple of erroneous conclusions regarding how it got that way.

    You may recall that The Mighty 1090 is not a new brand name. As such, @mighty1090 has been around a lot longer than just a couple of days. That said, it hasn’t been actively managed by anyone at the station in several years. Instead, the account was run by a former producer here who was kind enough to return it once we announced the name change. The station took control of it only a few days ago.

    Just yesterday, Darren’s producer extraordinaire Marty Caswell came to the same conclusion you did regarding the follower count and brought it to the attention of the digital department here. Using the exact same tool you cite in your article, we verified the garbage that has apparently built up during the time no one was minding the store on that account and made the call to delete it and rebrand the existing xx1090 account.

    I went ahead and posted an internal email exchange on the subject from yesterday afternoon at this link:

    So, to give you a TLDR version:
    1) Until last week, no one at XPRS-AM had control of the @mighty1090 account. It was left over from a few years ago.
    2) We did not, nor would we ever, purchase fake Twitter followers. As another commenter noted, this is pointless and believe me when I say we have better things to spend money on.
    3) The Scott & BR posts are legit, from when we were originally going to take over the @mighty1090 account and use it for the station.
    4) Once we discovered the @mighty1090 account was in fact a wretched hive of scum and villainy (yesterday) we decided instead to rebrand the existing @xx1090 account. That process completed just a little while ago.
    5) Had you talked to us before publishing this article, we would have been happy to advise you of all of these facts.
    6) I really can’t say anything in defense of Hacksaw.

    Thanks for listening, and I hope next time you’ll send us an email or pick up the phone before hurling Family Guy memes at us.

    • John Gennaro says:

      Hi Russ. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Allow me to retort.

      First of all, hurling memes is what I do. I don’t tell you how to eloquently respond to comments on blog postings, so don’t tell me how to burn bridges. Okay, guy?

      Second, that could not be a more Reddit comment.

      Third, most inquiries sent from me to the station in the past have been met with general disdain and disregard. Forgive me if I thought this one might have the same result. I was unaware that they were hiring smart people while also hiring…well, yeah.

      Fourth, you’ve proven your point. Bad timing and such. Instead of apologizing, I’m going to state that sometimes this type of stuff happens. Let’s call it a miscommunication.

      Fifth, the account was created in October of last year. I should’ve screenshot that when I saw it yesterday, because it’s impossible to prove now, but I think the switch from “mighty” to “xx” branding happened much longer ago than that. However, that’s besides the point.


      Seventh, I’ll tweet you the next time I have an issue that’s bigger than “I can’t listen when Hacksaw, Scott or BR are on.”

  7. Norm Lunginbill says:

    Dear John:

    I’m a aerospace consultant here at ValueRite Airlines. We too noticed that the fuselage of your recent flight was gushing jet fuel as the passengers were boarding. Had you contacted the 1-800 customer service line with your observation before you called the FAA and airport fire department, using words like “crash” and “extremely dangerous”, we would have been happy to advise you of the facts and put you on a connecting flight via Davenport.

    Thanks for listening and remember… before blogging or tweeting about a very simple observation that is viewable to the general public, always remember to ask yourself, “Have I given the corporation enough time to hire a consultant?”. Thanks :-)

    xref: 121912-1615
    1.5 billable hrs.

    • John Gennaro says:


      This is my favorite thing ever. Thank you.

    • Parris Williams says:

      Norm Lunginbill, You are my new hero, It was a privilege to witness a moment of greatness. Your ability to take a computer keyboard and slice a fellow human being into tiny bite size pieces, using no profanity, slander, fingerpointing, name calling etc.? was….for me? Epic! A real treat.
      You have a gift my friend, Thanks for sharing it.


      PS I know this blog is over a year old, so I’m going to search Union Trib archives for Russ Gilberts obituary. lol

  8. bp says:

    comment heavy post, lobsters.
    pot successfully stirred. i will be responding with a post soon. xoxo


  10. Bob Woo says:

    Wait… we can buy twitter followers? How much does it cost? Never mind I like friendster better anyways

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