Knowshon Moreno Hurdling Ed Reed is Glorious

No joke, this is one of my favorite things I’ve ever seen on a football field. Sure, he got past the d-line, but this isn’t really open field… he’s still in traffic, and it’s perfect hurdling form. Got another, what? 8 yards? I love it.


[via @cfbsection]

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One Response to Knowshon Moreno Hurdling Ed Reed is Glorious

  1. van diesel says:

    When KM was coming out of Georgia he had a similar hurdle over a defender in what I think was his last game, or maybe last regular season game? You should compare the two, I think the one from Georgia was a little flashier. But this one was again future Hall of Famer, Ed Reed.

    But neither of these compare to the time NYG QB Dave Brown “hurdled” Deion Sanders, and then primetime shuffled his way back to the huddle. .

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