The Pacific Beach Puppy Thrower is Going DOWN

Remember that awesome dude from Pacific Beach, Tyler Torres, that got called on a noise complaint, and then proceeded to throw a puppy, resist arrest, punch a female cop in the face, throw a knife, and threaten to shoot everybody? You can read about him here if you don’t remember. Welp, he’s getting sentenced today at 1:30pm. Proof:

I’ve heard, although can’t confirm, that he was found guilty on all 5 counts **update: here are the 5 counts** that he was charged with…and could get up to… what, ten years? Hope it was worth it, dude.


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One Response to The Pacific Beach Puppy Thrower is Going DOWN

  1. Cohner says:

    I hope he goes to the “Federal pound me in the ass prison” (Office Space).

    Happy Friday.

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