Ugh, People are Still “Griffining”?

Sweet Griffining shot! Was this before or after the planking photo? Sad that I missed the Call Me Maybe and Gangnam Style dances you guys did right after this photo shoot.



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4 Responses to Ugh, People are Still “Griffining”?

  1. Thomas (guy in picture) says:

    See the way weddings work, is you hire a photographer. Said photographer takes pictures. Then three months later they deliver said pictures to the bride and groom. Considering this occurred less than three weeks after the original Griffin pose, and the groom’s last name is Griffin (and he is a III), I think this was about the most appropriately timed Griffining ever.

    Good try though, love the stock WordPress theme by the way.

    • jonesy says:

      BWWAHAHAHAHA. “Love the stock WordPress theme”!!! HAHAHA. Oh man, that is my new ultimate comeback for everything now. I mean really, you just cant argue with that.


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