I’m Sorry, a Christmas Ornament Shaped Like What?

This is a real thing. You can actually buy a set of red balls for your Christmas tree. I was ready to just rip this concept apart… but then I read the Bauballs website: “We’ve teamed up with Orchid to create some Christmas tree ornaments that raise money and awareness of testicular cancer.” Well, tough to knock anything raising money for cancer. So go get your Christmas nutsack here. This is my first Christmas Wish List item.


[lobbed by King]

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3 Responses to I’m Sorry, a Christmas Ornament Shaped Like What?

  1. Cohner says:

    I may not know much about Christmas, but I would say that if you can hang a nutsack from the back of your truck hitch, why not hang one from your Christmas tree?

    Am I right or am I right? Or am I right? Am I right ?

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