Manny Pacquiao Got Knocked Out: Internet Responds

Juan Manuel Márquez knocked out Manny Pacquiao at 2:59 of the sixth round. The internet, of course, responded. Here’s the punch that took him out:

That’s gonna leave a mark. Here’s what a twitter/google image search for “Manny” produced, I don’t know who made these.

Hahaha. That’s my favorite. Manny are you okay? Are you ok, Manny?


[lobbed by LT, gif via deadspin]


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3 Responses to Manny Pacquiao Got Knocked Out: Internet Responds

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  2. little caster says:

    Nice work by Little Mac there. I could never get past Bald Bull the second time around.

  3. Ray Finkle says:

    In the pantheon of original NES games, along with Super Mario3 and Legend of Zelda, etc. The spin punch from Super Ghey Macho Man was always my undoing.

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