Major Mix Up at XX1090 – Dave & Jeff Gone, Josh & Charod Gone, Scott & BR Back

**UPDATE: It’s Official… Scott and BR are BACK on XX1090**

So, this post will be ever-changing I’m sure, but there are some major changes going on over at XX1090. Last night, Dave and Jeff both sent out tweets saying that their morning show was done. I’m hearing that it was Dave that got fired, and so Jeff quit, which would make sense since Scott Kaplan asked him this question, “why resign?

So, who replaces Dave and Jeff? Many wondered if it would be Scott and BR, who Dave and Jeff replaced in the first place… a decision that was surrounded by controversy. This morning, we found out. Dave and Jeff have been replaced with Hacksaw. This has to be viewed as a huge promotion for Hacksaw, which is comical since the last time I wrote about him, it was regarding his huge demotion.

This is horrible news to anybody with a brain. Hacksaw is exactly that… a hack. What I’ve discovered is that San Diegans are incredibly opinionated when it comes to their sports radio hosts. I think Hacksaw is an absolute buffoon… an industry dinosaur that has become a caricature of himself. I immediately change the channel if he’s on.

That brings us to the question of Scott and BR. They’ve got the Scott, BR & Amber show going over at UT-TV… so mornings don’t make sense.

Well, my sources tell me that they’ve been working on a deal to come back to XX1090 for months. In the next few days, this should come to fruition. The U-T has reported something similar this morning. I’ll get more into that later. Back to Scott and BR… funny that they tweeted that all comments are speculation, when it was the newspaper they work for that posted an article about them coming back to xx1090. How’s that work? **UPDATE: Looks like the U-T has been reading Lobshots, they took down any mention of Scott and BR from their initial report that I linked above. I imagine that had something to do with their employee, Scott Kaplan, saying to Papa Doug, “Sir, please take that down. Thanks.”** Also funny that after saying comments are speculation, Scott didn’t have any problem retweeting, “About damn time …. “Can’t wait” ….GREAT FRIENDS!!!! ” I wrote about them back when Scott was fired from XX1090, and it was one of the more polarizing blogs I’ve ever posted, generating over two-hundred comments. I discovered that many listeners HATE Scott and BR. People are more opinionated about them than I am about Hacksaw.

I know that Scott has said some things that have gotten him in hot water, and made a lot of people angry. The comments that many think led to his demise, are the exact same type of comments that led to his popularity. He’s a straight shooter, doesn’t hold back, and what he says will offend some people. Me? Scott and BR always made me laugh. I never listened to much morning talk radio, but when I did… it was Scott and BR and I was entertained. I listened to Dave and Jeff once, never again. Now, if I have a choice, I listen to Ben Higgins over at XTRA1360.

Okay, moving along from Scott and BR speculations… their return will supposedly be from 3pm-7pm. This is a huge blow to fans of the Darren Smith Show. I like a lot of the San Diego sports radio personalities, but in my opinion, Darren is the best. Darren had this and this to say on twitter. Classy as always. His show is polished and well produced by Marty Caswell. To get bumped to the 12-3pm slot, by Scott and BR, is a sub-plot in and of itself. Marty has a personal beef with Kaplan. Anybody who follows her on twitter knows that. Once the twitter chatter started up about the rumors, she offered up two tweets. “Terrible”, and then this one. It will be interesting to see if she can bite her tongue when it comes to her frustrations about the changes at xx1090. Either way, shocked to hear that Darren’s show, of all the shows, is getting bumped to a lesser time slot. Makes no sense.

Now for the news I did not see coming. Josh Rosenberg and Charod Williams are gone. They tweeted this out to confirm. That’s a shocker to me… how we live in a San Diego sports media world where these guys get booted from the air, and Hacksaw gets promoted to mornings… is beyond me. You can add this to list of crazy things going on at xx1090. Also, if Jim Rome is coming over to xx1090 from xtra1360, I wouldn’t be surprised if Josh and Charod went back to their old stomping grounds… assuming they didn’t burn any bridges when they left for 1090. Hopefully that’s the case, as I really enjoyed their banter over the radio waves.

John Kentera is expected to keep his 7-10pm slot. Honestly, Coach seems like a great dude. I just never listened to him. So no real comment there. Also, Jim Rome joins CBS Radio on Jan. 2, so, as I mentioned above, you can expect that to be carried on 1090. Where he’ll fall in the timeslot, I don’t know. Not sure if it will be live, or on delay like Dan Patrick is on xtra1360. Also, now is as good a time as any to say that I really appreciate Craig Elsten on xx1090 – whether it’s on the weekends, or when he covers for another host on vacation. He does a stand up job. Follow Craig on twitter here.

So, the XX1090 changes are as follows: Josh and Charod are gone. Dave and Jeff are gone. Hacksaw is in the mornings. Those are the facts. Speculation is that the Darren Smith Show is going to get bumped from the 2-5pm slot to 12-3pm to make room for Scott and BR from 3pm-7pm.

To my knowledge, the lovely and talented Amber Mesker will not be joining the boys on the radio, and she’ll keep doing the UT-TV show in the mornings with Scott Kaplan. If you’re a betting man… you can bet that Billy Ray Smith will no longer be on UT-TV, as he will focus solely on the radio gig. You can also bet that they will pitch this as a mutual agreed upon departure… it won’t be, but they’ll say it is. (That’s speculation on my part. – insert “If I’m wrong, and I’m never wrong…” Princess Bride quote here.)

I’m sure there are more changes to comes… and speculations to become reality… and I’ll keep you posted on the all the xx1090 shenanigans.


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77 Responses to Major Mix Up at XX1090 – Dave & Jeff Gone, Josh & Charod Gone, Scott & BR Back

  1. Chris says:

    If what you say is true about Dave being fired and Jeff leaving because of this, then it is kinda funny that Kaplan would tweet that considering that’s exactly what BR did when HE got fired….

  2. AJM says:

    Josh and Charod seem like really good dudes but I could never get into their show.

    Moving Darren is a travesty. People who think he’s boring are the same people who can’t live without a Will Smith summer blockbuster featuring aliens and explosions.

    Craig Elsten should be on air far more frequently.

    XX is lame. I’ll only be listening to Ben Higgins in the morning.

    • bp says:

      I really got into Josh and Charod. I think it’s because they were the most conversational. Just like you and me BSing at Bub’s.

      Darren shouldn’t be moved. That’s crazy. Ratings will tell though… curious to see what 1090 does.

      Elsten’s a good egg.

      Higgins’ is too.

      • SDPads1 says:

        AJM and I have had countless conversations about this in the past and have pretty much the same opinion (except 1 glaring topic).

        J & C seem like cool dudes but I could never get into them either despite repeated attempts.

        I really enjoyed Dave & Jeff. I’d flip between them and TWOS every morning depending on what guest/topic I found more interesting.

        Moving Darren sucks.

        Elsten needs more airtime.

        Unlike a lot of people out there I can actually listen to Hacksaw…….occasionally. REACT!!

        Here’s where mine & the Chiefs opinions are different though. I really enjoyed Scott & BR when they were on the radio. I don’t get my panties in a bunch very easy though and don’t take things very seriously.

        I hope everything works out for everyone involved though in this whole mess. Everyone of those guys that I’ve met have been nothing but cool to me in the past.

  3. Jim says:

    Hacksaw: I like the headlines and that’s it. Darren and Elsten are the two smartest guys on 1090, or so it seems. Darren from 12-3 is just a joke. Who listens then? Scott and BR? — the only thing they talk about (at least used to) is football (and then all of a sudden horse racing). They only talk about the Padres when they are many games over .500. One year they fully jumped on the Angels bandwagon — how annoying was that? Coach K is just so boring and cliche’-ridden (“I’ll tell you what, he’s a heckuva football player, are you kidding me?, etc.”).

    Gonna keep 570 and 710 in the mix in the afternoons now. I’ll keep the 1090 preset and hopefully 1360 will pick up some talent from this blow up.

    • bp says:

      the goal of both 1090 and 1360 should be to not have one San Diegan with an LA radio station on their presets.

      • Jim says:

        Good point. 710 is to Lakers what Scott and BR are to Chargers. All Lakers all the time. Hacksaw or Colin Cowherd? Hmmmm? I like Loose Cannons as well — but now they go up against D Smith. Not sure who is calling the shots at 1090. Very strange moves.

  4. Casper says:

    Listening online and just heard advertisement for Josh & Charod show…. They seemed wholly unprepared for the changes that were made! What a cluster…

    Josh & Charod should be welcomed back @ 1360, the staff there were sad to see them leave. Not sure if management felt the same though.

    San Diego’s sports talk was suspect at best prior to today’s shakeup, but I would hate to see popular slots lost to nationally syndicated shows!

    • bp says:

      seriously, you’d think the station found out today themselves. the website still isn’t fully updated. gotta get those ducks lined up before you start firing people.

  5. I mostly listen online and/or ONLY to hear Padres games and Darren Smith. It does concern me that this time slot shift is seen as bad for Darren – I hope it isn’t and that his fans will still tune in to support he and Marty Caswell (who I also really like – they are a great team). The others slated for XX1090 are ALL idiots IMHO – except for Coach who I like for his high school coverage.

    Radio business sucks right now. But sports talk in particular in San Diego has been going downhill for a few years now. It makes intelligent shows like Darren’s stand out even more.

  6. japhyryder11 says:

    Darren is tops. I can’t believe Elsten is not on the air more. Was not a big fan of either of the two shows which are now gone, but both were head & shoulders above the joke that Scott and BR put out. It’s not just that I don’t dig their schtick, or that I cannot stand Scott, but that they simply are not good at sports radio. Also, of course Amber will not be a part of the show. This is radio, and as far as I can tell she only offers services through visual mediums. This is a shame.

    • bp says:

      You can have your opinions… as we all do. However, to suggest Amber “only offers services through visual mediums”, in my opinion, is ignorant. The Scott, BR & Amber show on UT-TV is not a sports show, it’s a news show. The radio show is sports. Amber’s gifts don’t lie in sports. She’d be the first to tell you that. Just because a girl is hot, don’t be fooled into thinking she’s not smart and good at her job.

    • Justin says:

      Exactly, that shouldn’t be on sports radio. Unless the content of their show is dramatically different from their morning show, xx1090 ratings for probably peak listening hours, will suffer.

  7. Justin says:

    Craig Elsten is by far and away the most intelligent, objective, and rationale host on xx1090 and hopefully he gets his own weekday daily show. S&BR are entertaining, but should not be given a 3-7 time slot when they don’t concentrate on sports as much as everyone else. Darren isn’t the most knowledgeable, but he’s pr

  8. Justin says:

    Craig Elsten is by far and away the most intelligent, objective, and rationale host on xx1090 and hopefully he gets his own weekday daily show. S&BR are entertaining, but should not be given a 3-7 time slot when they don’t concentrate on sports as much as everyone else. Darren isn’t the most knowledgeable, but he’s professional and does a solid job. Hacksaw is a joke, and he knows it. I don’t get the 6-10am time slot bc 1) Didn’t they take him off the 10-2pm slot bc they said that 4 hours is too much for one person? And 2) His show is phone call/fan driven, and is 6-10am really the best slot for that?

  9. Ian says:

    I guess I’ m one of the few who enjoys listening to Hacksaw. Mostly for the headlines, but also because he’s one of the few who actually discusses more beyond the NFL, NBA, and MLB. He’ll talk about hockey (which i love), and even horse racing and auto racing get coverage, which you don’t hear from anyone else unless the Triple Crown is being run and the Indy 500 is coming.

    I agree that Darren and Marty moving to midday are getting the shaft, but it’s better than what trash they filled the Josh and Charod timeslot with today, a replay of the terrible Mike and Mike from ESPN Radio show.

    i had not heard anything about the firings until this afternoon, but when I heard Greenberg and Golic on at 1:15 while taking my lunch, i put 2 and 2 together.

    I’m an out of towner who doesn’t get 1360, and I can’t stand ESPN Radio, which is why I skip 710 out of LA.

    • Aaron says:

      I agree with you!

      Hacksaw is the best, Darren Smith sucks. I have listened to Hacksaw for over 10 years, and I am happy to have him on mornings.

      I don’t like national sports talk, I like local talk, about local teams, and issues. I like that Hacksaw reports on all sports news, in a professional way.

    • Les claypool says:

      Amen, hacksaw is one of the last REAL sports talk shows. I wasn’t a fan at first. Then I realized we can talk puck. Boxing if there was a big shuffle board match he would do his homework and have something to say about. Lastly, does Darren anchor the show for Marty? Puts me to sleep.(Marty’s good) if Rome comes I’m taking the 1090 sticker off my truck. He the biggest joke of all! Has never even played sports.

      • bp says:

        i think you guys are crazy loving on hacksaw’s schtick. but that’s what’s great about sports radio…and life in general… different strokes.

        seriously though. average age of the hacksaw listener? over 50, right?

  10. mike hunt says:

    The only one who keeps their job is COACH get the marbles out of my mouth Kentara. I think he pays the station to stay there.
    “I’ll be honest with you” that seems to be the only thing he ever says.

    No, the reason he keeps his job is that he goes so far back with John Lynch and his family. The nepotism card has been played there for 25 years.

  11. Aaron says:

    The Darren Smith show is the college radio hour on xx 1090. Darren is clueless, and has no idea of what he is talking about. During interviews, you can hear constant typing, and giggling by Marty in the background. Kevin Acee has no credibility. The show sucks.

    Hacksaw is the last, great, professional radio personality on the station! He has opinions, he takes calls, he is a pompous know-it-all! He has the best show in San Diego.

    I hope Scott and BR are back, that would be great. But it is a sad day when Hacksaw only gets 30 minutes or something. I’m happy with the morning show now though!

  12. Milex says:

    I saw an ad on the side of a truck over the weekend that said “Scott & BR are back on XX1090″. I vowed that 1090 was dead to me! Only 1360 from now on and I hate Rome a Patrick’s shows. Maybe a little 1700 too.

  13. jody says:

    I absolutely can’t wait for Scott & BR!!!!!!! They were incredibly funny and the drivel that has been on was pathetic. I’m only sad that I won’t be able to listen on my way to work. Welcome back Scott & BR!

  14. Ed says:

    Sorry to see Charod & Josh go, but their constant criticism of the Chargers, Norv, AJ and Spanos got old real fast. I hope they get a good gig in LA where we can hear them cover the Lakers, Clippers and Dodgers.

  15. Bob H says:

    XX 1090 shot themselves in the foot when they started those public service announcements (PSA’s) regarding government programs in Baja. They play them constantly and drive me crazy!!! And, they are poorly produced. Horrible to listen to. I turn the radio off immediately when they come on.

  16. Fin Alyn says:

    Scott and BR are a morning show. It’s all about trying to be funny, and easing into the day. Putting them in that time slot is going to be terrible. Scott too often comes across as a smug prick though, so I can only imagine working with him must be a delight.

    The shows that were cancelled? Who cares? They were boring. It was like listening to oatmeal, and sadly, oatmeal that thought it was funny. Neither show seemed to have any breadth of knowledge, or any topic it could handle other than the Chargers. San Diego isn’t Alabama, we need a more than 1 topic radio station. Listening to them talk baseball was as if they had been told about it, and spit out some stats, but have no idea what they meant or be able to put them in context. If only they could have taken Darren with them.

    Talk about someone who is overrated. Darren makes more mistakes off basic sports knowledge that someone in his position should have than any other broadcaster that comes to mind. He does a good job as Padre’s pre-game guy, but as a general sports show personality, if you listen to his show closely, it’s the Joe Morgan of talk shows: Sounds smart, till you actually put the words together.

    • bp says:

      I’ve never heard anybody refer to anybody as the “Joe Morgan of talk shows”… crazy thing, some would probably take that as a compliment.

  17. chris says:

    i understand the frustration about DSmith getting bumped to 12-3p, but considering SD gets a strong signal from AM 570, i like that DSmith will be there to spare me from whatever the Loose Cannons are these days. 12-3 is a total deadzone, but DSmith should dominate that time slot. i know that right now, DSmith only gets me from 2-3, then i listen to PMS and/or Travis Rodgers.

  18. Steve C. says:

    I am not shedding a tear over the departure of Dave Palet or Charrod Williams. Both of those guys are not professional or seasoned enough to be on the radio. They rush through their dialogue, trip over their words and feel that talking fast lends to credibility. What’s worse is that Dave just seems to regurgitate cliche-ed opinions and statements, as if he’s reading them off a piece of paper. I like Hacksaw’s ‘Best 15 Minutes’ bit because it’s chock full of news. Beyond that? I agree.. he’s a dinosaur hack.

  19. J says:

    Man, really sad to see J&C go. I thought the were awesome and perfect for afternoons. Never really like D&J. As a young person who listens to a lot of sports talk, D&J seemed a little too grouchy in the mornings w/ the FU’s and stuff. Also a little poorly produced and a lack of quality interviews for a morning show. Good luck to all of them tho

    Smh, goes to show you everything pro sports related in San Diego failing…

  20. Nardfather says:

    Scott and BR are TERRIBLE. I will tune in for Padres games and nothing else. The station is dead to me. I guess I will have to start listening to 1360.

  21. Tony says:

    I was sorry to see the Great Friends Show go and am happy they are returning. Love em or hate em; Scott and BR have chemistry. I also am of the opinion that mornings is their right time slot and will have to see if afternoons hold up for them. Always listen to Hacksaws’s 15 minutes and occasionally Darren Smith. Marty should try doing her own show or at least have an hour somewhere; who knows, she might surprise, herself even.

  22. Steve says:

    Scott and BR are idiots! Worst stuff I’ve ever heard on radio. I drive all day and had to turn off XX when they were on. “Great friends…Great friends…Great friends get really old along with thier sophmore attempt at humor. Hacksaw and Darren are fine. They give me information and let me formulate my own opinion. As far the other two morning shows getting fired, I just couldn’t get into two guys and two more guys talking about the same stuff. It was like 8 hours of rambling. Great to hear Lee back in the mornings.

  23. Jon says:

    Soooo sad to hear Billy Ray and Scott are coming back. One thinks he is a funny person and the other is as delusional and thinks he is funny and controversial. Just saying stupid things does not make you a STRAIGHT SHOOTER and EDGY… just makes you a fool. Dude is a clown who’s shctick is lame.
    At this point listening to a whole lot of San Diego talk radio is just wasting time. I am a fan of the NFL but I love the NFL and hours and hours of guys only talking about the Chargers is pathetic. Try looking onlie and finding some GREAT podcasts on the entire league and just listen to those and expand your ideas and topics beyond local endless Bolt Chat.

    • bp says:

      isn’t that the point of local sports radio? to give you what you can’t find from online podcasts?

      • Jon says:

        The point of local broadcasts is to talk about the home team a large amount of the time but not ALL the time and it also is not an excuse for local talking heads to not know anything about the rest of the NFL. How can you understand the local NFL team of you do not know/understand the world in which they function? How can you rate or give perspective and analysis on teams they play when you don’t know anything about them?

  24. Just let these guys say whatever the hell they want to say.
    How retarded is it to fire these guys to make a stand on content then just to hire them back. Just loosin up a little bit. Unless fans are complaining don’t do shit.

  25. Brian Montgomery says:

    My least favorite local sports radio host are as follows

    1- Scott Kaplan
    2-Dave and Jeff
    3-Darren Smith
    4- Hacksaw
    5- Mike Costa
    6-Judson Richards
    All of the guys at one time or another said somethings that offened me. Enough to make me stop listening to XX1090. Mike and Judson are just idiots. I was very happy when jeff left XTRA1360 and Charod joined Josh. My opion is that Josh and Charod are best on the radio. I was upset when they moved to 1090 becuase of the time slot and my job conflicted with each other. The two guys that took there place at 1360 are unprofessional idiots. I’ve called Josh and Charod’s show on 1360 many times and have met them at some of the promo loctions. I also enjoyed listening to some of their loyal listeners like Vera, John and Hactor. I will be vey happy again if they move back to 1360. If not I’ll be listening to Sirius NFL radio.

    Brian Montgomery

  26. ibdmac22 says:

    Won’t listen to Hacksaw, he was best callin Charger/Aztec games; liked Scott & BR and was bummed when they were yanked; now I was starting to enjoy Dave and Jeff and now they’re gone! What is up with this station? Think I’ll switch to Xtra 1360; & the ipod app for xx sucks too! keeps droppin out just like its morning show!!!

  27. natr says:

    Bring back uncle ted!

  28. Kenny says:

    Scott Kaplan is human garbage with ZERO talent

  29. Larry Fieselman says:

    I thought the station made a huge mistake when they let Scott & BR go. They made an even bigger mistake when they brought Dave & Jeff on. Jigsaw is an idiot. Why they keep him around is a mystery. Darren Smith’s show is great as is John Kentera’s show. Josh & Charod? They won’t be missed.

  30. Spackler says:

    What a clusterf**k! My thoughts about the local ‘hosts’.
    Butterknife is a pompous Ahole who thinks he’s a know-it-all.
    Darren is a rambling ‘I like to hear myself talk’ guy who could get his thought out in 1 minute instead of 5. Make your point, man
    Scott + BR used to be interesting when they first started (for about a week), then Scott turned into a blowhard full of himself.
    Dave + Jeff – can’t stand ya
    Coach – being on that late, who cares?
    Judson + Costa – comedy show instead of sports talk?
    Ben Higgins – probably the smartest person on local radio
    Ello – Ugh! Another ‘listen to me guy’
    Josh + Charod – I liked those two. Nothing like changing allegence and getting burned by the Papa Doug / Lynch monster

    I usually end up listening to the DSC in the AM. Then radio silence the rest of the day.

    • bp says:

      who’s butterknife?

      • Spackler says:

        butterknife is the nickname Jim Rome gave to smacksaw when both worked at 1090 about 10 years ago (maybe longer?). Lee would call Rome ‘Junior’ and Rome would call loudmouth ‘butterknife’ not wanting to support the ego inflating desired name ‘hacksaw’.

  31. Darren and Marty C. Fan! says:

    I have listened to all of them on all of the sports talks stations for the past 20 years. I have listened to ESPN Radio, now Fox along with the local stuff. Of all of the teams or host/producers etc. who speak on the mic, I like Darren and Marty. It’s really nice to hear an intelligent lady speak sports and Darren is more on top of things, more aware of his place, and more in touch with reality than the others in San Diego.

    Scott and BR are like cats…how do those two continue to get new lives? Billy Ray is a good guy and down to earth the other guy…tough to listen to…but they play off each other well. Linda Welby (or whatever her name is) on the other hand is the anti-Marty…what the heck is she on that show for????

    The national stuff is really bad. Rome is the worst – EXCEPT WHEN THE SKLAR Brothers take over…that is some funny stuff.

    Anyway, D Smith is smart, his show (I feel) is smart and his guests are really good. If anyone really believes he buys all the BS Acee sells, then they aren’t “getting” it. Darren is above that and I think he uses Acee as the clown he is for the purposes of getting Acee to talk and talk and reveal something new. Remember, Marty is with the Chargers as much as Acee and I bet she keeps Darren up to speed on reality.

  32. ibdmac22 says:

    Im glad Scott n BR are back; Need to replace Hacksaw in a.m.! But I kinda like evening slot to listen on way home from work! Theyre funny together!!! now I dont miss Dave n Jeff anymore but theyre a great team too!; hope they find a new gig somewhere!!!

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