AJ Smith: “The Lord of No Rings” – And an Art Lesson

AJ Smith: The Lord of No Rings. AJ Smith as Gollum. “No” rings instead of “The” rings. Get it?! HAHAHA! He hasn’t won a Super Bowl! HAHAHA! Neither have the Chargers! HAHAHA! So clever! Friggin’ stupid is what it is. What a piece-a-crap photoshop job that is. Trying to be all seamless in transition from the original work to the altered piece… in size, style and color. Whatever. Looks stupid. If you’re a lobster, you know I did not make that. (I don’t know who did, I found it on google.) That’s done with actual photoshop, and I use bitmap paint, the far superior photo-altering tool. Some of you, shockingly, don’t know the difference. So allow myself to introduce yourselves to the difference. I took that poster you see to the right… presumably the same one that the photoshopper above used, and created my own version of the AJ Smith: The Lord of No Rings. Prepare to have your mind blown by the power of bitmap paint.

Bitmap – 1, Photoshop – 0



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