Mystery Solved: Nick Lachey Kicked Out of Qualcomm Because a Chargers Fan Was Being A Moron

There ya have it. A fellow Chargers fan can confirm that Nick got the boot because some guy was being a douche canoe in front of him…just as I predicted. Believe. #TeamLachey


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3 Responses to Mystery Solved: Nick Lachey Kicked Out of Qualcomm Because a Chargers Fan Was Being A Moron

  1. Paul says:

    Next time you go to a road game leave your Bengals colors at home.
    I am a Pats STH and I watch with amusement when folks come sit down wearing the oppositions colors and then provoke th ehome crowd. We all opint out the loud mouth visitors and they get thrown out when something happens. Security seems to always favor the home crowd.
    It is what it is.

    • bp says:

      that’s bush. let ‘em enjoy the game.
      if you’re going to see your team play… wear your team colors, home or away.

      unless you’re in oakland. wear black and silver no matter what.

  2. Dave says:

    Yeah, how dare you root for your team at a stadium that sells tickets, one of which you purchased with your hard-earned money! How dare you enjoy a game and like a different team that the home crowd, what are you, a real fan or something?

    That’s one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read and I NEVER write anything after reading an article, but man, that doesn’t make any sense. First of all, you’re a Patriots fan. Strike one. Leave your team’s colors at home? So I guess you only watch the Patriots in the comfort of your own home or at their stadium and NEVER anywhere else? Then you aren’t a real fan yourself. So if your friend was a fan of another team, he couldn’t wear his jersey to your house to watch the game with you? Strike two. And “they all get thrown out when something happens….it is what it is?” Yeah, cuz when something happens, they immediately kick the opposing teams fans out, no matter what, right? ‘Cuz that makes sense. Strike three, fool.

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