THAT. Don’t Do That…

Just really, really awful. I feel bad for Johnny Manziel.


[via b/r]

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4 Responses to THAT. Don’t Do That…

  1. Stabmaster Arson says:

    Dude needs to get teased every day until it grows out. #PlanetDoofy

    • bp says:

      I have no clue what it means… but I laughed at #PlanetDoofy

      • Stabmaster Arson says:

        Thanks, LOL. If you’ve ever seen “Something About Mary” the brother of Cameron Diaz’s character is nicknamed “Doofy”. I think doofy means goofy+dork or short for doofus. Whenever I see something ridiculous I just write that hoping it will pick up as a saying, hah hah.

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