Trade Ya Straight Up: A Surfboard for this Bruce Lee Statue

This just made my day. I don’t know who this guy is, but I legitimately want to help him get either $650 or a surfboard for his ab-happy Bruce Lee nunchuck statue, right here on San Diego’s craigslist:

Selling one of my favorite collection pieces, Ive enjoyed it and now I want to pass it on to another Bruce Lee fan.Or someone who is looking for an awesome piece to add to their man cave. Statue is a true art piece and stands at about 6ft. Looking to sell it for cash or would be willing to trade for surfboards or and wetsuits. IF so let me know what you have.

You can text me or call me at 619-964-0955

That’s his actual number… hit him up!! Lobsters, how can you pass this up?


[lobbed by Jonesy]

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One Response to Trade Ya Straight Up: A Surfboard for this Bruce Lee Statue

  1. Mac says:

    First of all, I am a huge seller of Bruce Lee being anywhere near 6ft, so this is MORE THAN LIFE SIZE… which makes it pretty rad… Also, why is Bruce Lee throwing out the hang loose sign before he nun-chuck whacks someone??
    I wish I had a surfboard to trade… this would look great next to my bed. If this gentleman is looking for a barely used lawn mower, a computer desk and an autographed Gary Templeton bat. I have those to offer.
    Collectively, I value them at $650. Please advise

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