Good Riddance, Hostess… All You Did is Make People Fat

Hostess Brands has gone bankrupt. Those photos up top? Those are the only two shining moments in the history of Twinkies. Dr. Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters… and Carl Winslow in Die Hard. Good riddance, Hostess.


[Yes, I actually do feel bad the 18,000 jobs that will be lost. The company folding? Not so much]

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7 Responses to Good Riddance, Hostess… All You Did is Make People Fat

  1. Rob says:

    Twinkies had a shining moment in Zombieland too that definitely deserves a mention.

  2. Putrino says:

    I think Twinkies actually had a starring role in Zombieland.

    Also, don’t feel bad about the 18k jobs. Hostess went bankrupt because the employees kept striking for higher benefits, ignoring the fact that their existing benefits were crippling the company already. The employees literally asked for the bankruptcy.

    • Bull Benn says:

      I think there’s a joke in there about cutting off one’s nose. Dumb unions.

    • Dem says:

      What actually may have been crippling the company may have been the 300% wage increases given to executives. The union suffered wage and benefit concessions just a year earlier. They were being asked to take even more cuts while the fatcats got fatter.

  3. Greanthumb says:

    “Carl Winslow” lmao

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