The Angels’ Worst Nightmare: Mike Trout as a Yankee

Dave Winfield just tweeted that photo, with no context. I’m guessing he’s just handing the young Trout a signed jersey, but at first glance… that’s gotta scare the crap out of every Angels fan on the planet.


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3 Responses to The Angels’ Worst Nightmare: Mike Trout as a Yankee

  1. jonesy says:

    Silly Dave, shoulda given him a Pads jersey.

  2. Cohner says:

    Please delete this post. I never want to hear or see this subject again.

  3. Lou Esposito says:

    Dave Windfield is such an ass. for tweeting this photo!!
    The Yankees just want Trout Because All their old players gone
    and the ones they have now all suck!
    The East Coast didn’t want Trout now they all do [ha ha] we own him
    for 4 more yrs. [to bad suckers]

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