And UCLA Has Responded…

‘twould appear UCLA has responded to this. Much, much more clever than USC.

**update: see the comments section. most likely a real photo, just really old. further evidence here. agree that the most damning evidence that this didn’t happen in 2012 is that there aren’t a billion angles of this in different photos on every UCLA kid’s twitter/tumblr/facebook page.**


[lobbed by B. Wild via Kirsten_Marbert, a UCLA cheerleader, who also tweeted, “To all the angry $C fans in my inbox.. It was not my dorm or my doing, just thought it was funny. #goBRUINS“]

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2 Responses to And UCLA Has Responded…

  1. Jeff says:

    That picture is from the 70s big fella. That was done during the ’71-’72 basketball season I believe. My dad used to tell me about this (it wasn’t his dorm, but the next dorm over) in the pre-internet days; love that I can now see the pictorial evidence. Always wanted to coordinate another rendition of this while I was at UCLA…

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