More Photos of “Tony Gwynn Stefani”

Pretty fantastic. That’s Michelle. She’s clever. I put up a photo yesterday with her while I was rockin’ my Discount Double Check costume.

She’s a walking, talking “Before & After” from the Wheel of Fortune. Wonderful.


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3 Responses to More Photos of “Tony Gwynn Stefani”

  1. SDPads1 says:

    I am ashamed of myself for never thinking of this costume. My gf is a huge No Doubt/Gwen fan and I am a huge Padres/Gwynn fan.

    • bp says:

      dude. my very first thought when she told me who/what she was: “how in the world have I never thought of that?”

      i was so disappointed in myself.

  2. greanthumb says:

    She’s kinda cute

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