Sandy is No Joke…

That’s Sandy from space, compliments of NASA… rolling in to the East Coast. Click to enlarge.

Photos of Sandy are going to be flooding in today on twitter. (see what I did there? zing!) That’s one of many from early this morning. It’s only gonna get worse. Prayers to the East Coasters. Be safe.


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2 Responses to Sandy is No Joke…

  1. Dou says:

    That’s the view from the Fairway parking lot in Red Hook. We shop there sometimes; I’d say that the surge is already at 6-8 ft based that photo and we’re still 10 hours from landfall.

  2. McScullio says:

    Where is George Clooney when you need him?????

    /remembers The Perfect Storm
    /sad movie
    /we’re f’d

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