Alex Morgan as McKayla Maroney for Halloween? Yes!

That’s your favorite soccer crush Alex Morgan as McKayla Maroney and her not-impressed face for Halloween. She posted these photos on twitter. I am a big fan of this. She’s with Sydney Leroux, fellow USA soccer teammate. They hit the town.

Apparently, they also ran into Elf. I love Halloween.


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11 Responses to Alex Morgan as McKayla Maroney for Halloween? Yes!

  1. luke says:

    Sweet Elf costume Nick Swardson

  2. Minorkle says:

    I used to date Alex and she used that “not impressed” face on me all the time. I guess that is why I am her ex

  3. I thought Alex Morgan was awesome before seeing this. She just turned it up to 11

  4. Billy Barue says:

    Alex, I am from Diamond Bar also. Please stop embarrassing us and yourself and dump that mook of a boyfriend. Remember where you’re from, it’s not the Hood.

  5. stan theman says:

    umm … her boyfriend is a pro soccer player genius boy … how is that hood? lol .. you’re pretty smart there huh? hahaha what a jack a$$

  6. Mgh says:

    really? She felt the need to dis someone with her Halloween costume. that’s moving from an 11 to a 1 in my book. How does that improve USWNT or soccer in USA , or her?


  7. Joel says:

    You dolt, they’re probably friends. Your lack of a sense of humor is disgraceful.

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