The Giants Have a Date With Destiny

Since I can remember, I’ve hated the Giants. Hate is a strong word, I know. I use it here in the ‘sports fan’ sense. To me, it carries a less aggressive meaning, less malicious meaning, than if you’re talking about an individual. Although some of my closest friends are Giants fans, the ones at Petco Park every year… generally bother me to my core. I don’t have anything against any individual on the team. I actually love their manager, Bochy…and Flannery, but I just can’t… and won’t… bring myself to cheer for them. Anybody born and raised a Southern California sports fan knows what I’m talking about.

All that aside, there was something special that went on there in San Francisco last night. The stars aligned. I mean… that Hunter Pence hit… the shattered bat that literally hit the ball THREE TIMES? You cannot blame the rookie Cards SS,┬áPete Kozma, for reading that liner so poorly off the bat, because who’s ever seen a ball hit three times at once? That’s a microcosm of the Giants season. Things are just working. Balls are bouncing their way. Their hard work is paying off. It’s very, very impressive. Brian Wilson goes down… meh… Romo turns into a rock solid closer. Your best hitter does ‘roids and gets suspended…. so what… everybody else steps up. It’s crazy. They, for whatever reason, are destined for greatness.

As hard as it might be to watch, for Padres and Dodgers fans alike… there is an element of hope in these Giants wins. How, you ask? It’s that feeling of “these guys aren’t any better than our team and they’re in the freaking World Series… again.” That brings hope for next year… hope for great things for your own team…that they’ll do what the Giants are doing. It can’t be the Giants year every year, right? The baseball gods don’t work that way. So, although I will be cheering for the Tigers… I will be happy for my friends that are Giants fans if they do pull off the seemingly impossible: beating Verlander and that fat Tigers lineup. But hey, if anybody can do it… it’s the team that just won a billion straight elimination games.


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7 Responses to The Giants Have a Date With Destiny

  1. rosie babbles says:

    The Tigers aren’t better than my team either. They had the 7th best record in the AL. Put them in the west and they’re in 4th place…

    • bp says:

      agreed. angels had a better record, but the tigers do have two of the best hitters in baseball, and arguably THE best pitcher… so it’s not like they weren’t on everyone’s radar.

  2. Mac says:

    BP, that was a very nice post. You tore me down several times and built me back up several times. Normally, after your Giants posts I get angry and craft a long winded rebuttal which I later delete because I don’t feel like engaging in a pointless battle with you, one which neither of us will ever win. This one left me smiling.
    The Giants have proved that team chemistry matters. The Dodgers helped prove that as well because they tried to buy a championship and they failed miserably. At least the Pad’s play with their heart and not their wallet.
    May the baseball god’s shine upon your loins in the future. For now, It’s our turn.. again.

    • SF says:

      It’s not a pointless battle, just ask BP what the Padres and Dodgers have done lately. Quickest battle ever.

      • Mac says:

        It isn’t the facts that makes it pointless, it is the stubbornness of the B to the P. and myself for that matter.

        • bp says:

          Mac – thanks for your comment. I know you hate my hate for the Giants, and I appreciate your compliment here. I was actually frustrated at how Giants fans blow me up every time I post something negative, but then say nothing when I post something positive. Then you commented. Yay!

          As for you, “SF” – our time will come, and I’ll be here to rub it in your face.

  3. jonesy says:

    GO PADS! Vagiants SUCK! That is all.

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