A Jay Cutler Bodyslam? Yes, Please

If you thought for half a second I wasn’t gonna post this .gif of Cutler getting bodyslammed by Suh… you’re outside of your mind.

Once I realized Cutler wasn’t actually permanantely injured… I did that Suh sack dance.


[gifs via TBL]

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4 Responses to A Jay Cutler Bodyslam? Yes, Please

  1. Ray Finkle says:

    Really grinds my gears that the immediate reaction during the game was “Suh should expect a call from the league office” , etc etc and subsequent claims it was a ‘dirty’ hit. It’s a friggin tackle. The object is to get him to the ground. Not playing pattycake out there.

  2. T-Bear says:

    Jay Cutler’s peripheral vision seems as well developed as his sense of humor.

    How does he not see/hear/feel the silver and blue clad 270 pound demon that seems to cross his line of vision just seconds before?!

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