The Jayson Werth Jump…

Jayson freaking Werth. A giant eff you to Kendrys Morales’ ankle. One of the greatest postseason photographs I’ve ever seen. Great walk off. Amazing day of baseball yesterday. Bummed the Reds and A’s lost, stoked the O’s won and Nats won. In fact, the Nationals were the only MLB team to win yesterday without an orange logo on their caps. These are the things I notice. Here’s Werth coming in Sons-of-Anarchy-hot to home plate.

That’s good stuff.


[getty images, photoshop via ]

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6 Responses to The Jayson Werth Jump…

  1. MANTRA 4 Men says:

    Perfect. I did one of Werth riding the back of a naked John Kruck (don’t ask), but this is probably better… less puking.

  2. little caster says:

    GO’s. All in for a beltway series.

  3. greanthumb says:

    Loving his bell bottoms

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