Old Bald People Everywhere Rejoice!!!

If you hate twitter and the Yankees, you really hate that. #27ANDCOUNTING. Hashtag. Titles. Arrogance. But you can’t deny it’s clever. As a fan of the game — what Raúl Ibañez did — that was magical to watch, even if you do hate the Yanks. Just incredible. Sit your bazillion dollar investment, and send up the old bald guy. Boom. Homer in the 9th to tie the game… (camera hovers on A-Rod for the next couple innings)… 12th inning rolls around, still tied… boom again. Walk off.

What kind of moron throws Raúl a fastball there in the 12th? Will never wrap my head around that. Dude probably would’ve thrown Cerano the same thing. Makes no sense.

Go O’s.


[h/t to rovell via @ksfdon]

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  1. I like him very much, but he no help with curveball.

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